Edge Driver for Zwave Locks?

@nayelyz , is there any reason why there are edge drivers for Zigbee locks but not for zwave locks? I haven’t seen one yet, but maybe I just missed it. Thanks! :sunglasses:


Hi, @JDRoberts.
You’re right, there is no driver for the Z-Wave locks devices, they haven’t been released yet and there’s no ETA for the moment.
In case I receive an update about that, I’ll let you know.


Is there any Update/ETA on this?


Hope you’ve seen that z wave locks has been released. Hope yours made the list. I’ve got an UltraLoq, so didn’t make the cut yet.

@JDRoberts Z-wave lock driver is available now

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Did you try it , mine won’t discover edge , its grabbing dh . Remove some dh , still no luck. Reboot Hub v2 , Schlage be469zp and finger print match.

Have you checked which DTH is recognizing it?
If you have a custom DTH that has the corresponding fingerprint, it could recognize the device first.
The installation of the driver was completed? You can see the installed drivers in your Hub by following these steps:

  1. Open the ST app and go to your Hub
  2. Click on the menu (three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner)
  3. Tap on “Driver” and you’ll see the “installed drivers” list
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It’s not part of the firmware. You have to manually install it and it’s got bugs in it. I’ve submitted to a few patches to the ST staff to review, still more to come.

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Apologies if this is actually asking the b-obvious, but did you install the beta driver? I just think that following the announcement about Edge drivers going into production there is some confusion about what is available where. I am rather assuming we still get to beta test the drivers.

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@RBoy are you going to release your enhanced version of Z-wave lock driver? I have Schlage with Alarm on your DTH

Yes the driver is installed , I have rboys dh and I put // before the fingerprint , after that it pick the dh. Zwave lock reporting , that I think is not custom , well I don’t remember install this one .

Yes that’s the goal but we’re waiting for some management feature to be released by ST. We were told that it was in the works many months ago. The first priority is to get the beta driver fixed so we’re submitting patches to ST for it. Our driver will be build on the fundamentals so we want to ensure that’s compatibility in basic operations.


@RBoy You could post invite to your channel for paid customers, same way as current Groovy DTH. That way only people with paid access can see the invite.

I’ve tried my Ultraloq three times now and it should be getting the generic drivers, but nope not having any of it. I’m disappointed in this to say the least.

I’ve posted on the U-TEC community with no response yet if there’s even a driver in the works

Before, did your device work with a stock DTH before? I haven’t found one in the official SmartThings Public repository.
And the integration under the U-TEC brand is an ST Schema integration but it seems their OAuth server is down…

I used it straight out of the box with no DTH. The lock works, but just wont accept an edge driver, it weirdly acts like ST is trying to actually find one and doesnt.

Like I mentioned, I posted on their boards and havent received any feedback as to what the issue could be on there end.

U-tec makes both WiFi and zwave models. I’m not sure which model @K_White has, but the oauth issue should only apply to a Wi-Fi model, right? The zwave models are hub-connected devices.

Thats what I assumed.

They do make both wifi and zwave, the zwave lock has the ability to have their wifi adapter purchased seperately or as a package for out of home control. I don’t need this as ST covers that.

Here’s the Raw Description:

zw:Fs2ac type:4001 mfr:0452 prod:0004 model:0001 ver:1.01 zwv:7.14 lib:03 cc:5E,55,98,9F,6C sec:86,72,5A,87,73,80,62,63,85,8E,59,7A

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Why do want to use the edge drivers? The groovy DTH’s should work with the lock and the edge drivers have fewer features than the groovy DTHs at this time.

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Groovy is going away, obviously edge drivers are the future ST is pushing towards. That being said, just running it stock out of the box with no custom handlers, I’ve learned to be open minded with the Edge Driver transition. I use Bixby routines linked with ST and vEdge Presence sensors and the lock. This works incredibly well the way I’m using my network efficiently and reliably.