Schlage Connect Z-Wave Plus Deadbolt Door Lock Edge driver issue and more

I have a Schlage Connect Z-wave lock BE469ZP. It has been working well with lock manager smart app. Using lock/unlock manager smart app with webcore, I can detect which person lock the door to trigger arm and disarm.

Since we know the happy era is going to be gone by end of the year, I am trying to use the beta edge driver.

I enrolled the Z-Wave Lock from SmartThings Drivers (Beta) and then deleted my lock from Smartthings app. I hit the pair button then scanned the nearby devices. The lock showed up and then went through the security verification process. After added it, it was still using the old driver not the edge one. The lock manager was not working with network error. Deleted it and no way to reinstall again.

Now I am still not with the edge driver. Not sure what’s going on.
Does anyone currently use Edge driver with BE469ZP? Is that possible we can indicate which code unlock/lock door in Rules API? Is there anyway we can schedule time for code that can be used?

Thank you

If you were using a custom DTH for the lock (such as the Universal Z-Wave Lock DTH from Rboy), those still have priority over the Edge drivers. To use the Edge driver, you need to exclude/delete your device and then go into the IDE and delete the custom DTH. Once you do that you should be able to add the device and it will pick up the Edge driver. I verified that your lock model is listed in the fingerprints for that driver here:

As far as being able to set actions based on specific lock codes or to schedule lock code times like can be done in the @RBoy Lock User Manager smartapp, I haven’t done any digging into whether they are exposed or not (mostly because I’m holding out till ST does the automatic conversion from custom DTH to Edge driver). The Smart Lock Guest Access app from ST currently only allows for programming of locks codes on specific locks. Can’t even have a single code apply to more than one lock at the moment.

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Thank you. I use Lock Manager. I think that’s why. I will give it a try later. Thanks again!

Just removed lock manager. After that added the lock and then returned like added wasn’t with the best security way and it could not even receive the status.

Removed again then re-added. Now everything is expected! Than you!

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I removed and readded my locks using the Samsung Beta Z-Wave Lock driver.
It comes across as “base-lock”

Oddly, and this was true even with “Phils Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver”…

I can get everything added and locks function.
But the icon in the “Devices Section” of the SmartThings App show as “Not Connected”

But, using Guess Access, I can add codes and lock/unlock.

So I’m not sure what the issue is, I have blown away these locks multiple times, and when I do get a successful connection, the SmartThings Devices icon always shows as “Not Connected”

I’m confused. :thinking:

The Schlage BE469ZP is a zwave lock. It does not have WiFi capabilities.

Why does the topic title mention Wi-Fi?

I just copied the product name from Home Depot, but you are right it’s just z-wave. I’ll update the subject

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@h0ckeysk8er this feels like a can’t win situation: if I have multiple hubs all leveraging the same smart app, then I remove that smart app or custom device handler from my account, doesn’t that bork all the other production hubs that I’m not looking to test this work flow on? How does one actually test the new Edge drivers at scale without impacting other hubs/production workflows?

You can try to remove the lock and re-pair again. As I mentioned, I did have an issue at the first. After re-pair then everything was expected.

mY Schlage locks are still coming in with the old groovy drivers despite having the edge drivers installed

Are the locks grabbing custom device handlers or stock?

looks like and old custom. I will try later deleting the old DTH and try again. That might end up Bitting me

You can try removing device and scanning a few times… may take a few attempts

I have a Schlage BE469NX lock and have been using it with the ethayer DTH and Lock Manager smartapp. I’ve deleted my lock, the DTH, and the app via the IDE and re-added the device. The device has been added, but when I click on the 3-dot menu on the device, I only see “Edit” and “Information” options and not “Driver”. From what I understand, I should now see “Driver” if it’s using the Edge driver.

I’ve deleted it a few times and re-added, but same thing. Also, not sure if it’s relevant, but when I add the device by entering my programming code on the lock, it actually flashes the X instead of the checkmark. My phone displays a message that says that the device is added but can’t use all of the functionality.

Am I doing something wrong?

First, did you install the Z-Lock Edge driver from @philh30?

Since you are getting the X, it sounds like you did not explicitly exclude the lock so that it available for pairing again. Turn on Exclusion mode in either the ST app or IDE and issue the programming sequence to enroll the lock. Since the hub is in Exclusion mode, it should now exclude the lock from the Z-wave network.

If after that you still can’t get it working, others have done a full factory reset and that seems to fix the issue.

I let ST install its own driver and didn’t specify which driver. I assumed that since I deleted my old DTH, I didn’t need to do anything.

I did, however, use the exclusion mode and was able to successfully add the device again. I still received a message that said “You haven’t finished secure setup. The device will still be added, but the connection will be less secure and the device may not work correctly”.

This has been a very frustrating process. First my old hub is obsolete and I am forced to buy a new one. That wasn’t a smooth process btw.

Now my lock management app is no longer supported. Removing devices and handlers is really a PIA as it also messes up all the associated automation.

After many years of Smart things… I ordered the new model C Habitat hub last night. If I am going to go through the pain of removing devices I am just going to move to an ecosystem with greater stability and more options.

Hi, Where do i get the Edge driver??

[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

There are two lock drivers in his channel, the original 1.0 version and a new one marked beta which fixes an issue with the lock code names being reset and exposes unlockCodeName that can be used as a trigger in Routines.