Yale conexis L1 z wave module 2 security


I’ve just bought and installed this of Amazon. When I connected it to my smart things hub I got the attached error…

I then looked in the settings and can see:


Is this right? The module 2 says it has the latest security which I assumed to be S2

Any help appreciated!

That’s normal. It’s using S0 for now since SmartThings doesn’t support S2 as yet. It will be available in a future firmware update. It shouldn’t affect the device operation in any way

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Thank you for the answer! Sorry I’m a beginner to zwave!

Seems odd that the smart things hub is aware it is using a lower security standard…and warns you about it…but doesn’t actually support the higher standard itself?

Should this just be an over the air update to the hub at some point? And it will sort itself out.

And related I think…is z wave plus separate to S2 security? I had thought the S2 security was part of the z wave plus spec!

The spec is constantly evolving. Last week they released more updates. It’s a continuous process.

Long story short, it will be an automatic update to the hub firmware. However two things to note:

  1. Any paired devices will need to be re paired to use the S2 standard, the mode is set while pairing
  2. Not all advanced features are used automatically with a firmware update. The advanced features depend on the DTH, for example this one is designed to support zwave plus features based on the lock model and will support additional features in future as applicable.

However S0 vs S2 should not impede any basic lock functionality and advanced features can always be addressed in DTH updates.


Hopefully we get a notification when it updates to S2 then so I know to re-pair. Thanks for all the info :slight_smile: