Kwikset 913 with a Z-Smart Plus is pairing but doesn’t work

Hi guys,
I just bought a kwikset 913 and i added a z-wave plus to it. I also bought a Samsung SmartThings Hub STH-ETH-200.
I can easily add (or pair it) using SmartThings but I cannot control it. I get the following error message.

Any idea?!
Thank you

It’s normal and won’t affect your device operation. It’s a limitation of the current hub firmware.

See this topic for more details:

Hi RBoy,

But it doesn’t respond (it doesn’t lock or unlock when I change the status of it on the app).
The lock itself is functional, it responds to the code when dialed manually on the keypad, etc.
I tried, deleting it, adding it again (many times); restarting the hub, factory restoring the hub and lock, etc.
Any idea on what could be causing this issue?
Thank you.

Open the IDE, click on your lock under my devices and copy paste what you see here, specifically the raw description.

Sorry for the delay, I just got home.

Here is the info requested:

“ zw:Fs type:4003 mfr:0090 prod:0003 model:0845 ver:4.10 zwv:4.34 lib:03 cc:5E,72,98 sec:86,5D role:07 ff:8300 ui:8300”

Hi RBoy,

This is all new to me, so, was that the info you requested (in my previous post). And if so, do you see anything abnormal?
Thank you

Anyone?! :woozy_face::disappointed::weary:

Hi @RBoy did you have a chance to look into this? And if so, any suggestions? Thank you :smiley::+1:t3:

I missed your last post. Yes that looks good, the pairing looks fine no issues there.
I would recommend trying to add a buffering device like a repeater between the lock and the hub. If you’re having issues with the zwave mesh dropping packets then this should resolve it.
You can also try the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler for your lock which can give you more insight with your lock.

Hi RBoy,

I just bought a light switch/repeater (Z-wave) to install between my hub and the door lock. I will let you know if it takes care of the problem.
I’m not quite familiar on how to “install” the app you mentioned but I will definitely look into it because everyday I have more things getting connected and/or automated in my house.
Thank you and I will keep you posted. :smiley::+1:t3:

Hi @RBoy i just tried something different, I ran cables bringing my hub right to the middle of the room today, just 10 feet from the lock. Same thing.
And another weird thing was i just installed a iBlind device and it behaved the sane way. It connects, does its thing (calibration, etc) but then now it shows “this device is unavailable”. It worked for a few minutes thou.
Could the problem be the hub itself?
Any advise?
Thank you.

You could always try unplugging and removing the batteries (V2) from your hub for @15 minutes. When you plug it back it, it will rebuild the network.

I had problems with my Kwikset dropping off, so I bought this:

And put it in the room right next to the front door lock. I’ve had zero problems with it since then.

[EDIT] I was suspicious and checked your post again

I’m not sure about the new app, but I thought this functionality was removed from the old app. I had to create a piston in Webcore to lock/unlock the door. I’ll check again.

[EDIT] My bad. The ST classic app works. I guess it’s Alexa that won’t let you unlock the door.

The hub is right in the middle of the room now (I found a loooong ethernet cable).
I disconnected the hub from my router, I then removed the batteries and waited 30 minutes. Tried again and same result :disappointed:
Frustration :disappointed::worried: :persevere:

have you tried running z-wave repair in the ST app?

If you need a buffering device, bringing the hub closer may make it worse. See this for details: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

Hi, I tried this as well, but no success. Thank you

I just bought an Aeotec DSD37-ZWUS and it should be here soon. Do you think this could help? Thank you

@RBoy I Just installed the new device handler “universal enhanced z-wave lock” and I installed the Aeotec DSD37-ZWUS (im assuming it is buffer as well).
Remove the lock from the system and entered it again…
And… same thing :triumph::pensive::cry:
Any idea?
Thank you

Nothing?! Anybody?!

Looks like your lock is having trouble with the mesh. It’s not responding to the ST “pings” which is why it’s being reported offline. Try to reset the lock and check that the hub is 2x further away from the lock than the switch to it tries to connect to the switch first.