Iris Z-Wave Garage Door Controller: ZWAVE_S0_FAILED

I have two Iris Z-Wave Garage Door Controllers, both have been working well for years. I think these are just Re-branded GoControl/Linear devices. Recently one stopped working and showed up as ‘unavailable’ - I had this happen once before a year or two ago and ended up having to exclude the device & re-add it. So I did that, it picked it back up - but it’s still unresponsive, and shows:

networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_FAILED

I’ve excluded it again and tried re-adding it. Same results. Eventually it goes back to ‘unavailable’.

Also even though I’m choosing the Iris branded option when re-adding it, it is picking it up as a " Linear GoControl Garage Door Opener Device" - probably doesn’t matter, but I figured I’d add that bit of info.

HELP! How can I get this thing back online. Usually I can work through these things but I’m stumped.

P.S. Still using SmartThings Classic.

Contact support. That’s an officially supported device, and there have been some glitches with Z wave classic devices recently, you may have run into that.

The messages saying that it tried to join securely using the older security protocol and that failed. That’s pretty common. It may not even be related to the “unavailable“ message.

And, yes, Nortek released the same device under multiple brand names. That shouldn’t make any difference.

thank you. I tried one last time (this time with a reboot of the hub) - no dice. I’ve emailed support. fingers crossed!

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Bring it within 5ft of the hub, exclude it and then try to pair it. Also do a factory reset, sometimes it helps.

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thank you so much for the input! Support suggested I use the new app to add it. I’ve never used the new app. Considering the trouble it would be to take down the device I decided to try the new app first. It added it, and now shows up normally in the old app as well! I will say the new app is hot garbage IMO. Also the new app won’t control the garage door opener…

In IDE the data now shows " networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY"

which is different from what my other incidental zwave garage door opener shows

That’s normal with the new firmware and doesn’t impact any functionality. See this topic for a detailed explanation:

Thanks again. You’ve been very helpful :blush: