Yale Zwave Plus Network Module [AYR202-ZWV-USA]

Hi, I just got this Zwave module for my first lock. When I paired I got a warning saying it’s not using the latest security features.

When looking in the IDE, I see this:

  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY

I’m wondering if this is to be expected, or if there is anything I could do to beef up the security. I did move the hub next to my door for pairing after reading other post suggesting to bring them close.

The current type is set to Z-Wave Lock (I noticed there a couple other like Z-wave Lock with/without Codes)


It’s to be expected, that particular module was designed before the S2 security standard was available.

It’s still a good lock, it’s just not the very latest standard.

If you want the newest standard, you should contact Yale and find out if they make a module with S2 security that will fit your model lock.

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Alright, that’s good to hear. So far I’m liking it, I mean it seems to do what it’s supposed to. I bought as a replacement for a lock from another company for which I did not get the security warning, but it was not updating the status when manually using the lock, this one does.


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