Utilitech Glass Break Detector (New DTH in post 90)

Has anyone tried pairing the Utilitech Glass Break Detector:



Looks like it should work, it says: “or compatible Z-Wave controller required”

I can’t seem to order one.

It says it uses Z-Wave:

I like the sensor type description:

‘Sensor Type: Single microphone, dual-stage, detector
listens for “thud” then “shatter” glass breaking sounds.’

We’ll buy some for whoever gets them integrated. Looks like you need to pick up in store though. SmartThings credit?

I was just looking for a z-wave glass break sensor within the last two months or so and didn’t find anything; I settled on using Monoprice contact sensors with a 2-wire shock sensor, but it’s not a very aesthetically pleasing solution (low WAF). I would much rather have active detectors.

I’ll pick up one of these today and see if I can come up with anything. I hope they include instructions for testing it with their two-step system; I don’t have too many spare drinking glasses.

Update: Doesn’t look like they’re available yet.


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Looks like they’re available, my local Lowes reports having some in stock.


I purchased one from Lowes and was able to pair it to my hub. The device type is currently listed as “Z-Wave Sensor”. So far the only activities listed are battery percentage and that the sensor is inactive and active.

I’m not sure how to go about changing it to a new device type and making it appear in the dashboard in damage and danger. I hope someone on this forum who is much smarter than me can figure this out.


I bought one today as well. What process did you use to pair it? I’m having difficulty getting mine to connect to my hub.


I also had difficulty connecting it to my hub. I’m not sure if having the mount removed is the trick?

Here is a video that may help: http://vimeo.com/m/88455515

I just unpaired and paired the sensor again… Before installing the batteries open the app and tap “+”. Then press connect new device. Install batteries in the sensor and press the button on top… It paired right away by doing this.


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I have had no luck in getting this to pair. I followed the instruction but still did not pair. When I push the button on top once I get no blinking light. I have to push it 3 times fast to get it to blink and even then it doesn’t pair.

I haven’t been able to pair mine yet either. Mine blinks green periodically after pressing the button once, per the video it should be in pairing mode at this point, but no dice on actually connecting. I even unpaired one of my existing z-wave sensors and it re-paired immediately, so it doesn’t seem like an issue with my ST setup.


The first time it took about 45 mins. IDK if it matters but i was only a few feet from my hub when I paired the sensor. I just did as the video I posted instructed…

In this order, have the ST hub look for new device, Install batteries in the glass break sensor, press the button once. It took about 3 seconds for the green light to start flashing, it flashed for about another 3 seconds before the hub discovered the sensor.

Previously I had the batteries installed in the sensor before the pairing process. The sensor would flash the light once when I pressed the button, not continually, and would not pair to the hub this way. So make sure you have ST looking for the sensor before you install the batteries, then press the button.


Did you leave it unattended for 45 mins to connect or was it 45 mins of retrying the “batteries in -> button” procedure?


The 45 min is referencing how long it took me to figure out how the pairing process works. The sensor was not left unattended and then paired.

I made a video showing how to pair the sensor to the ST hub. You may have a defective unit if it doesn’t work for you.

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Hope this helps,

Chris thanks for the video. I was definitely seeing a different light pattern than yours. The way mine behaved almost seemed like it was (or thought it was) already paired with something. It looked exactly how @edden described his.

I was able to get mine paired just now, however it required me to do what I believe was a factory reset, which reinforces my speculation above. I opened the device looking for additional buttons not exposed on the front; there are no additional buttons but there is JTAG header and what is probably a power connector for factory testing.

To do the factory reset I took both batteries out, held the top button down and placed one battery in. As soon as I did that my green light started flashing quickly and SmartThings almost instantly picked it up.

What’s interesting is I did that procedure probably 30 times before, but I only did it with a single battery removed. It looks like this device can function on just one battery, so both will need removed to fully power it off.

@edden - try the procedure i used above and see if that works with your device.

Now that I can finally work with it I will start working on a device type. I will post a link to the Github shortly.


I guess no one really knows how accurate this thing is? I suppose you’d have to break a window to find out…

I’m now 99% sure the issue is the device thinks it is already paired out of the box (in some cases it seems - @edden and I both had the same experience, whereas @chall’s worked as expected). Now that my device is paired to my ST hub, it is behaving exactly how it was prior to me doing the factory reset. Since the devices are brand-new and can’t be return items, it seems like it could be an issue coming from the factory. QA process leaves the device thinking it is paired perhaps?


The specs say it can detect a 10" x 10" window break from 12 feet away. For a realistic test you can buy a tester that accurately simulates the glass breaking sound: Amazon.com.

To test it for giggles, I was able to set it off by pounding my desk and tapping a screw driver on an aluminum iPad stand.


Tried to place it in pAiring mode after the reset. ST picked it up right away as a zwve sensor. Now need some smart apps to work with it.