Glass break detector utilitech

(Ed Meredith) #1

I know that this has been mentioned in September on here about the Utilitech glass break sensor. Anyone try to get one working. I bought two today at Lowes and tried to pair. No luck yet. The paperwork on it says it communicates using z-wave so I am not sure why it is not pairing. Lowes just started carrying the this week in their stores.

(Chris) #2

We are discussing this on the other thread in the forum … Before installing the batteries open the app and tap “+”. Then press connect new device. Install batteries in the sensor and press the button on top… It paired right away by doing this.


(Lauren) #3

What actually works is to install the batteries in the sensor, have your app open looking for things, and then press the button on the front 5 times (rather quickly) and then when the green light comes on press and hold the button. Keep repeating this as it didn’t pick it up the first time for me but it did about the third time!