GB00Z Glass Break Z-Wave Detector

Has anyone experience using the GB00Z Glass Break Detector with Smartthings?

they seem to be junk. I paired 2 and they both silently never reported again. I haven’t dug into it.

LATER EDIT: I checked IDE status that indicated the one I left installed, is still ACTIVE less than 30 minutes ago. But the last LOGGED activity was when I paired it 284 days ago, and battery still indicates 100%. So as a security device, I do not believe is reliable. I was not able to trigger it with my normal methods for glassbreaks. I haven’t tried breaking a window on it. Maybe I’ll power it with reduced voltage and see what happens.

I have not found any real glassbreak alternative in Zwave domain. I don’t want a shock sensor.

Any good alternatives?

I have one. It was a PITA to pair but I got it to eventually with a device handler that’s available on the forum. Then I was able to test it with the silverware-in-a-glass method and it seemed to function just fine. No one has tried to break into my house (or smash the window for other reasons) since then. So I can’t say for sure whether it’ll work if that ever does happen.

I recently purchased one of these glass break detector. I was wondering what DH did you use? I tried looking around, but I couldn’t find anything… is the DH specifically for the glass detector or a universal detector?

The Utilitech Wireless Glass Break Security Sensor Iris Zwave 0567900 GB00Z-1 and GoControl GB00Z-2: Smart Glass Break Detector are the same device manufactured by Nortek and you need the Device Handler available here:

thanks for the clear github directory name.

Have you ever gotten a good physical test alarm from this thing? Not me not once. Battery finally updated to 75% sometime in the past 3 months.

I cannot create any new devices in IDE today. It says " Access Denied

We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation."

EDIT- the next day, I was able to login to IDE and add a simulated device as expected.

Not a physical test, but with a bluetooth speaker and YouTube of glass breaking it worked. However, the new SmartThings app doesn’t work and is always in the state of Checking while the old app reports correctly.

Events working correctly after installing Device Handler:

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