How does ST see a glass break sensor?

(Linda Thomas-Fowler) #1

Does ST treat a glass break sensor like a open/close contact sensor? I don’t see any example code for one so I’m wondering if this is the appropriate choice?

Anyone integrated a glass break sensor into ST? Did you treat is like a contact sensor or did you use some other capability?

(Beckwith) #2

Haven’t personally tried it but there is discussion here:

(Linda Thomas-Fowler) #3

Thanks, @beckwit, unfortunately that thread doesn’t answer my question. What I’m trying to find out is what capabilities a Device Type needs to specify to be a well-behaved glass break sensor in ST.

(Paul) #4

ST does not have a device capability defined for a glass break sensor. Even if it had, I would add the contact sensor capability to the device type because its function is similar to a contact sensor to protect the peripheral. If it would function like a contact sensor device, most standard apps would work with it. If the device would only have a dedicated glass break capability, you would need custom SmartApps to support it.

The only difference between a glass break sensor and contact sensor would be how I would handle the location mode. For a glass break sensor, the sensor would always be “armed” independent of the location mode.

(Linda Thomas-Fowler) #5

Thanks, @psfunatyo, that’s what I was thinking but lacking any experience in working with these I wanted some confirmation before heading into the weeds.


Coming in late here, but these days it’s a little more common for a glass break sensor to act as an audio detector, many don’t have to be mounted on the windows that are being monitored, just nearby.

There are some older types that were more like contact sensors, but the audio is popular.

Here you can see video of the linear–it’s on a wall across the room from the window that breaks.

And here’s the installation guide for the Iris zwave glass break detector–the instructions are for ceiling or wall mounting, not glass contact.

The zwave ones will self identify as a sensor alarm.

OK, I’ve been looking into this device class a little more and smartthings does support both flood sensors and smoke detectors which use the same device class: sensor alarm. So I’m thinking that one of those device types might be able to be modified for the Z wave certified glass break detectors but I don’t know if anyone is actually working on one.

@april can you check? Make sure whoever you ask knows we’re talking about an acoustic sensor alarm, not a contact sensor or a door/window alarm.