GB00Z Glass Break Z-Wave Detector

(Peter Sun) #1

Has anyone experience using the GB00Z Glass Break Detector with Smartthings?

(Eric) #2

they seem to be junk. I paired 2 and they both silently never reported again. I haven’t dug into it.

LATER EDIT: I checked IDE status that indicated the one I left installed, is still ACTIVE less than 30 minutes ago. But the last LOGGED activity was when I paired it 284 days ago, and battery still indicates 100%. So as a security device, I do not believe is reliable. I was not able to trigger it with my normal methods for glassbreaks. I haven’t tried breaking a window on it. Maybe I’ll power it with reduced voltage and see what happens.

I have not found any real glassbreak alternative in Zwave domain. I don’t want a shock sensor.

(Peter Sun) #3

Any good alternatives?

(Mark) #4

I have one. It was a PITA to pair but I got it to eventually with a device handler that’s available on the forum. Then I was able to test it with the silverware-in-a-glass method and it seemed to function just fine. No one has tried to break into my house (or smash the window for other reasons) since then. So I can’t say for sure whether it’ll work if that ever does happen.

(Peter Sun) #5

I recently purchased one of these glass break detector. I was wondering what DH did you use? I tried looking around, but I couldn’t find anything… is the DH specifically for the glass detector or a universal detector?

(Mark) #6