Go Control Glass Break and Z Wave Siren

I am trying to set up a Go Control Glass Break sensor to trigger a Z-Wave plus siren to go off if it is triggered.

Before I had the siren I tried to use Smart Home Monitor to send a push notification if the glass break sensor was triggered. I could not get it to work. When I went to set it up in Smart Apps I got a message stating I did not have any compatible sensors.

Any ideas?


If your glass break sensor paired correctly, it should show up as a contact (open/close) sensor.

You can use SHM to create a custom rule so that anytime the sensor “opens,” your siren will alarm.

I used the fork in a glass method to test that my sensor was working.

I’ll bite. What is this method?

LOL. Put a couple forks in a glass, bang the glass on a hard surface and then shake the forks in the glass a little.

Be careful not to actually break the glass the forks are in. It’s not necessary for the test (although it would probably work :wink:)

I actually forgot I have the utilitech branded sensor, although I think it’s the same as the gocontrol, just utilitech is sold at Lowe’s. And I used a device handler in this thread, where I’m pretty sure I read about how to test it.

I’m not actually sure whether it’s needed to get these sensors to pair as a standard contact sensor. I set this sensor up like three years ago.

When I go in to the ST app it shows the sensor as either ACTIVE OR INACTIVE, is it possible that I need to change the device type in the IDE?

Which device type did it pair as?

It shows as a glass break sensor

Less cleanup :grin:

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