GoControl/Utilitech Glass Breaking Sensor Pairs But Nothing Else (New DTH in Post 2)

Uploading… I’m installing a SmartThings system in my home and I’ve included a GoControl (Utilitech) Glass Break Detector. I got it to pair but ST says it’s a ‘Z-Wave Sensor’ but I’m not sure if it is working. I’ve tried all the recommended testing techniques, keys on a glass while pounding a table and playing the glass breaking sound effects video on YouTube with no luck. The ST App (Android) shows the sensor as Inactive in the Things list with the battery at 100% and there are no events for it.

I’ve read all the old postings on this but nothing seems to work. I chatted with GoControl but they had no idea and said that it’s not their responsibility if it doesn’t work with ST. Am I missing a step or maybe I just have a non-working sensor?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @EasilyDistracted,

Did you see this post and did you use the DH in post 24 (not 20 as the title implies)?

It’s a pretty basic device, and the DH can easily be modified to say something besides open/close.

Here’s another DH you can try:


Thanks for the reply @johnconstantelo. I was using the original DH by Adam Heinmiller. I did a quick test with the newer version by Steve White and while the status is now ‘ALL-OK’ the device still does not trigger an alert despite all of my jiggling of keys or playing glass breaking videos. I’m starting to think that I have a defective device. I’ll do some more testing Monday and post my results.

Mine worked when I shook silverware in a glass.

I bought one of these and decided it wasn’t worth my time. I will pick it up if they decide to support it.

You also have to understand these are two sound detection devices. Glass breaks and also hits the ground. So it my not go off with your test. I know loud music sets mine off in the living room. Or loud movie.

I’ve never been able to trigger it in testing.

It’s read 100% battery for 58days with no further report.

I have not been able to test all but I know the living room worked when I had a loud movie that had someone breaking glass out. It resets itself after a while. Maybe a good speaker with the sound of glass breaking and then hitting the floor will do it.

After banging my head on this for 4 days I’ve decided that what I’ve got is a defective unit and I’m returning it to Amazon. If and when there is an audio detector that is supported by Smartthings and is from a manufacturer that will support it’s products, I’ll try again.

Thanks to everyone for your help. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions.


I had an MP4 file for glas break. and played it thru my stereo. All worked so I am confidant they do work. Can one be defective absolutely but they do work and if you are using it as a security feel good system at night its an important part of it if you have allot of glass. More so if its out of ear shot.

I just bought a couple of these and unboxed and tried both of the DH and neither detected broken glass from videos or keys in a glass. I cant imagine all of these are defective unless they are just crap

it seems to me these Utilitech Glassbreak sensors are junk. I bought a couple about 2-3 years ago, and paired one ok, it even still reports battery 75% just 8 days ago, on the original batteries. Yet I have never been able to get it to alarm on a test - for other glassbreaks I can usually trigger with electronic simulator, or combination of thumping and high-frequency. So they seem like a waste of time.

Recently I got a Visonic GB-540 (glassbreak), that claims to be Zigbee HA1.2 profile, with fingerprint:
01 0104 0402 00 07 0000 0001 0003 0020 0402 0500 0B05 01 0019

that seems promising but I don’t have a working device handler for it yet. My first stabs at it are unfruitful. These sensors are a little hard to find but ReadyHomeStore.com (I think that was the source) did provide 1 for $75. Note Visonic is a manufacturer of standard home security alarms, so I expect this should be a high-quality device, if I ever get it integrated.

They are not junk. They look for two things. Glass breaking and it hitting the ground. That takes special testing. I tested mine by mistake watching a loud movie or misic with glass or glass type sound and the one in the living room does go off. I can check what DTH I’m using but I been using it from day 1 and that was two years ago or more.

Edit. I’m using the ultitec glass break sensor. I cranked my stereo up about an hour ago and the living room one went off. One of my kids dropped a glass in the kitchen and that one went off. So I know they work!

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What DH are you using for your GB sensors?

Utilitech Glass Break Sensor

Should be on here just put the above in a search. I have only come across one DTH specific for these. However I have heard they are an open and close zwave switch and the DTH for that works but I have not tested them with it because this one works as I did test it intentionally and unintentionally. Living room went off when I was watching a movie loud and glass broke in it. And it also went off just on really loud music. But they work and the batteries last a while. I think I am going on two years and they are around 39%

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