ST Motion Sensors - Stuck Active

Am I the only one that seems to have to reset motion sensors every-time a firmware patch is pushed?

They keep reading temperature, but depending on state at the time. They are either stuck on or off. If stuck on, I do not notice for few days and alarm system never goes active (safety issue?). Also have to run around pulling batteries to reset.

Logic should change to turn motion off at least if no motion event sent in say a minute or so.

About ready to start using z-wave motion sensors instead of smart things devices…

:frowning: Is there a place to make tickets against issues found with ST?

I have the same problem. ST motion sensors shows only themperature. Wrote a letter to support, no luck yet.

Please share if you hear back which hopefully you do else I am starting to loss faith in this product.

There are several threads regarding this:

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