ST active motion won't reset after fuse blown

I popped a fuse today in my shop and the ST motion sensor v1 that was on the same power cct now seems to be NFG. I reset the breaker and ST shows permanent motion active on that device even when it’s not plugged in and the batteries are removed. I have rebooted the hub but it always shows “Active” for the motion sensor, anyway to reset this without deleting the device?

Here you go:

When it rejoins, it will show up as the same device as before. No need to remove the device!

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Thanks. I ended up removing the device from the network and re-adding it. It started talking again so at least it didn’t fry :slight_smile:


@daven Don’t feel bad, I had two window sensors (z-wave) that stopped updating correctly at some point, had to remove and re-add them again for them to reset and start working. But that’s the ONLY 2 devices of my 80+ that i’ve had to do in over a year… so I consider it a rare occurrence.