Smartthings sensors: the saga continues

(Bobby) #1

I have posted many times before about the Smartthings sensors (especially the motion sensors) but with my last two retired today, I thought it was a good time to revive this never ending struggle to keep the Smartsense sensors alive.

Here is the timeline…

April 2016 was the reset day…

But then things got progressively worse…And after countless hours spent on beefing up network to avoid interference, adding repeaters left and right, I decided to go one by one to replace any failed zigbee devices with zwave…

December 2016…

Today, the last two Smartsense motion sensors have been replaced by Aeon 6 multi sensors…

After replacing 20 some zigbee sensors one by one since December, I noticed one thing. Only the Smartsense have been doomed as it seems. I have NYCE sensors that are still going strong as well as Iris outlets. So what gives? Are the Smartsense sensors just the weakest link?

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(Kraeg) #2

I’m slowly replacing my ST motions as well - they’re just crap.

I’m slowly going Aeon too, just wish they was a “standard” battery - the ones it takes are pricey, although don’t need replacing often.

I’ve also put in the Zone Manager motion sensing app to stop false alerts (cant remember it’s exact name and on mobile so can’t find it easily) that’s helped for now.



Fastest way to find most community code is through the quick browse list in the community-created wiki. In this case check the list for sensors. :sunglasses:

(Mike Maxwell) #4

That would be zone motion manager…