Zigbee ST Motion Sensors

When ST did a hub update several months ago, just before the Holidays I started to have issues where my ST motion sensors (ZigBee) would send false positives and wouldn’t stay connected to the hub. At the time it was deemed to be associated with the OTA update feature they enabled. I tried everything they recommended and couldn’t seem to get the ZigBee devices to be stable.

In late February I decided to try again. I replaced every battery, pulled power/batteries and remade the mesh. I managed to get all but 2 of my 16 motion sensors working again. One is just flat dead, the other continued to give repeated false positives. Of the 14 remaining, I managed to get all of them updated via the OTA update feature.

All was relatively well until 2 nights ago. All of the sudden we had two sensors start throwing motion events every 8-12 minutes (almost like it was on a schedule it was so routine through the night.) Unfortunately, one of those was in our bedroom and controls our dim lights to the bathroom and night stand. So after turning off the lights once or twice I realized that something was going on…

Today, I started having the ST motion sensors drop offline again just like back in December… But I don’t think there was an update recently and I haven’t changed anything in the past week. None of my Ecolink or Aeon sensors are showing the same symptoms. None of the ZigBee door/window sensors or even the ST flood or humidity sensors seem to be affected either…

Is there some other known cause that I missed between the holiday update and now or is it just these ST motion sensors?

^^^This… I have reduced my ST branded devices down to just 3 motion sensors and 2 original multisensors. While I was on vacation I had an ST motion sensor start giving me false readings and then it died with 67% battery left. I just replaced the battery today, and it started going nuts again (every minute):

From 1:55pm to about 2:37pm the sensor was going back and forth between active and inactive for no reason, and then it settled down:

I do not have OTA firmware enabled because my hub is still on v16.9 for other reasons, but when I did have OTA enabled back in the 16.11 days, that’s when all he11 broke loose for me and ST devices became the most unreliable ones I have.

AND, just right now while writing this and monitoring that motion sensor, it missed an inactive state and sent a second active state when someone walked passed it:

Like I mentioned above, I have just 3 of these. All my other motion sensors are Iris, and so will be these last 3 ST ones the next time they die. I just used up my last CR2450 battery, so instead of replacing the battery I’m replacing the motion sensor with ones I know work and are reliable.