Smartthings Motion Sensors Stop Communicating

This week, I’ve suddenly started having issues with my Smartthings motion sensors. Here’s a brief description of what’s happening:

A few days ago, all of my ST motion sensors stopped working. None of them were firing their respective automations and if I stood under the motion sensor with the app in my hand, it was saying no motion detected. This was happening universally across all my sensors (11+). I have been adding a lot of devices to my hub over the last few weeks and figured a restart wouldn’t hurt. After the restart, all the sensors started working again. I searched this forum at the time and didn’t see any similar reports. I wrote this off as a fluke and never gave it another thought.

Then it happened again yesterday. All the motion sensors stopped working and then after a reboot, they started working again. Now I’m a little more concerned because it’s happened twice in a week.

I’ve seen threads of people complaining that the new app isn’t keeping the status of devices properly or are not polling devices at regular intervals. This sounds like it could be related even if it’s not the exact same issue. I’ve noticed the slowness in the app when pulling device statuses and the only way I’ve seen to help this is to regularly open the app.

Is my issue being caused by the synching/refreshing/polling issue? Am I overloading my hub? Am I doing something wrong? I have 136 devices connected and probably < 25% of those are zwave.

I’ve been using the ST v3 hub for over a year now and this is the first sign of trouble I’ve had with it.

Anybody else having issues with their sensors randomly not working?