Motion Sensor Troubles

Anyone else been having flakey issues with the ST brand motion sensors? I have about 4 or 5 of them and just in the last few weeks they are reporting motion when there is clearly none.

One of them is in a room in my basement with no possibility of motion unless someone is in the room. It’s just my wife and I, no animals. I also have one in the entry way from the garage that turns on the hallway light for 1 minute and that has been saying there is motion randomly throughout the day.

…and no, I don’t have a drifter in my house :slight_smile:

I’ve done the typical sensor reset and ST hub reboot/battery pull adventure. No change.

Yup, it’s being reported a lot. Several discussions about zigbee device issues since the last firmware update.

Let support know at

I reported it to support. It takes numerous days between responses from them. They keep blaming batteries and won’t own up to the fact that the issue surfaced after the last firmware update. I tried replacing the batteries as they suggested, but nothing changes in the end. The issue does subside for a few hours, but it still comes back. The devices use to work until they broke them.

Thanks, glad I’m not going crazy. Very disappointing that even after almost a year I can’t keep my relatively simple setup stable for more than a month or two at a time.

Yeah it stinks but they need to know. I actually reported the problem 25+ days ago and worked with ST engineers on this. The workaround for the ST branded sensors was to replace with fresh batteries (I just swapped them between sensors), which worked for me without doing a reset. Be persistent, and asked if they can roll back your changes.

@laakness, I agree. I was rock solid from early August until this firmware release.

I had a couple that were getting old, so I replaced them. I have some “new” ones still at 89% that freak out (even the ones that I just replaced). Removing and re-adding them fixes the problem temporarily (just not a permanent solution).

Support can try different things, and one of them that they may not have asked you to try would be to physically turn off and/or unplug any zigbee device that is a repeater (bulbs, smartplugs, etc) for 15 minutes or more. I did that for almost an hour.

That forces your zigbee devices to look for another route to the hub. In many cases your devices will find the hub, and the others will just panic and go offline. After the 15 or more minutes go by, plug back in and turn back on your zigbee devices. The remaining offline devices will then rejoin, with maybe a couple that need to be manually rejoined.

I realize that there are legitimate problems with some of these devices but sometimes with a little monitoring, the cause of the problem can be determined.

Strange as it seems, I recently got notified of motion in my Living Room and Back Bedroom while I was away. My monitored Alarm System did not fire, but ST gave me SHM messages and SHM gave me Intrusion alerts. I rushed home and found that my neighbor was blowing leaves with a gas powered leaf blower and thought he would be nice and blow out the leaves in my yard too. Since these ST motion sensors face the windows in case an intruder came through the windows I noticed that every time he went past one of these windows the sensors would report motion. I live in an old house and apparently the vibration of the machine would vibrate the windows enough to set off the motion sensors.

Also, whenever my neighbors come home and slam their car doors, the accelerometers in my ST multi purpose switches will go active. so I have had to turn that feature off on all my switches.