SMS notifications stopped 2 months ago

I’ve been using a Schlage Z-wave door lock for years with SMS notifications but it stopped working sometime after Feb 11, 2022 (I had opted in SMS messages after the 2019 change). The hub is running firmware 000.041.00009 with a controller version of 2.2.15-4. I’m using the IOS apps. The hub and app detect any lock change and I can get the app notification but just no SMS messages.

I’ve tried rebooting the hub and making changes to the routine but nothing works.

If you aren’t getting any SMS’s from SmartThings but are getting PUSH notifications try this:

If you aren’t getting notifications (PUSH and SMS) from your lock, then see this topic as it may be losing packets:

Thanks for the comment but as I noted, I opted into SMS messages after the 2019 change and have been receiving SMS messages until 2 months ago. I do receive app notifications and can control the lock remotely through the app but I’d still like to get the SMS messages too.

It seems odd that something as basic as this would suddenly stop working.