ST notifications for Schlage Connect not working? (April 2019)

Have 8-10 devices connected to ST. All work perfectly.
Added a Schlage Connect lock. Works perfectly . . . almost.
I get no audible notifications. I have a notification alarm selected in ST. What am I missing?
FWIW, Schlage has no app for the Connect

can you show a screen shot of the automation you have setup for the notification?

Don’t know which one you want. Here are two

Are you using a custom DTH? Also do you have a repeater close to your lock?

I have an update that may help. Last night I made a point of watching my Samsung S8 and Samsung Gear S3 wearable when the automation should have activated. It did. My phone showed no popup and no audible notification. My watch didn’t vibrate, but I did se a message the automation worked. Now, if I can only get an audible tone on my phone or get my watch to vibrate.

Notification for the ST app was “off” in my phone settings. Thanks for the help

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