Schlage Connect Z-Wave Unavailable/Offline

I’m new to Smartthings from having used Wink for the past 5ish years. So far, some things I love and some things I find really frustrating with Smartthings. My latest frustration is with my door lock. I have the Schlage Connect Z-Wave model BE469. With Wink, all I had to do was add the device and then I was able to get push notifications every time it was locked/unlocked, I could view code history and edit user codes from within the Wink app.

I am having a lot of trouble getting this same level of functionality within Smartthings. I have been searching the forums and so far have tried repairing the Z-Wave network, added the Lock Manager app, the Smart Lock Guess Access app, and tried removing and re-connecting the device in Smartthings, but I have never been able to get notifications to work, have not been able to get any sort of option to edit user codes, and now it is telling me the lock is unavailable/offline. I was briefly (maybe for a day or two) able to lock/unlock it from the app. I have also tried working with it in both Smartthings Classic and the new app.

Any ideas??? I’m struggling to understand why this takes any sort of extra programming or adjustments, as this all seems like pretty basic asks, but I’ll do what I need to do to have a functional door lock! It is my front door, so it is important it work correctly and reliably.

Thanks for any help!

Smart Lock Guest Access should give you the code management and alerts you want. But none of that is any good if your lock is having trouble communicating with the hub. Is your ST hub in the same location that your Wink hub was? Do you have all Z-wave devices migrated from Wink to ST? If you login to and view the device page for the lock, what does the route say?

It sounds very much like your lock is having trouble with the mesh and losing packets explains everything you’re experiencing. Try adding a buffering device between your lock and your hub. See this post for details:

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Yep… the smartthings hub is in the same place the Wink hub was. The routing is: [This Device (06) ]↔ Unknown Device (AF) ↔ Unknown Device (02) ↔ [SmartThings Hub]

Thank you. I had read about repeaters but I am confused why I would need to do that when I never had to do anything additional with Wink and the Wink hub is in the same place my Smartthings hub is. Does the Smartthings hub work differently?

You have some ghost devices in between which are probably affecting your communication. Try to exclude your lock and pair it again or follow these steps to get rid of the ghost devices. If one of these is a battery operated FliRS device it may be causing an issue as it should not be routing messages: How to find/delete unknown device - failed to update route

Having said that, experience has shown it’s better to use buffering devices with the ST hub for a more reliable operation.