ActiON Dashboard 4.6.3 is here! (Now

You can thank my wife for it!


I’m not getting the input error anymore, but I still can’t reorder camera tiles. Is that still in the queue to address?

I can’t seem to change the tile colors for the dimmerlight tile but I can for the dimmerswitch. I added the type .dimmerlight to the custom CSS section, but it doesn’t change the color. Do I have wrong type. I’m also getting a second slider below the tile.

I pushed another fix. That was my bad.

Sorting is not working on videos, links and dashboard shortcuts.
It will be fixed with upcoming release, because it’s too big of a change and it throws off all other tile order.

If you are looking to change colors of all tiles, you can just add .tile {background-color:red} or somethings like that.

Btw you double slider is due to having a hash in your URL, it’s a problem with JQuery, it will be addressed in the upcoming release too.

HIKvision url’s displays static image.
Does any one know url for streaming video?

I tried rtsp://P:554/MPEG-4/ch1/main/av_stream url, it does not work in ActiON. It works in vlc player though.

Any solution ?

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@coolcatiger ActiON does not support RSTP.

The workarround is to use http

Then update ActiON codes with below javascript codes (by @Ashwin) which will get the static picture every one second.

} else if (data.tile == “genericMJPEGvideo”) {
return “”"


I will look into it in a couple of weeks.

I have the same thing happening on an iPad Mini (retina) but not on an iPad 3.

Can you send a complete screenshot in PM?

Awesome, works now. No worries, Just helping point out bugs…

I think it’s a bug in iOS. My iPad is still on iOS 7 and my mini is on the latest iOS 8.3.I tested with another site and have the similar behavior. Hopefully Apple will fix in the next update.

Is there any way to have the URL/Link feature just call the link via a HTTP Post and not actually browse to the site? I am using the Hue Lights Controller application to automate scenes and sets of lights and they give you a URL to call to turn on a specific scene. For example: will turn on a set of lights and have them cycle colors (Setup in HLC, not SmartThings)

I’m looking for a way for ST to call that link based on a switch OR have the ActiON dashboard call that link without actually browsing to it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Can a virtual momentary switch do the trick for you? That was recommended to me before when I was messing with smart alarm’s REST API. I never did pursue it after I figured out it wasn’t necessary for what I was trying to accomplish.

As was mentioned before, you could create a virtual switch or momentary switch and add it to the dashboard.

Then, have a separate SmartApp that makes whatever API call you need when virtual switch is activated.

Yavin, where did you get the software. I can’t find the download link for it. I am VERY interested in using that rather than the ST hue integration…at least until it gets better.


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Works great and so pretty!
Only one problem and that is my sonos speakers. nothing happens when i try to use them through the Dashboard. any clues what might be the problem?

Hue Lights Controller is a now defunct java based software. I currently have it set up to run on a Raspberry Pi 2 but have had it running on Windows and Mac systems too. The software was abandoned well over a year ago and cost $10 when it was around. I could send you a copy of the files and the license. I don’t think that would be illegal since the project is no longer being offered or sold. The only risk is if Hue changes something and compatibility breaks then we are SOL.

If I can integrate this into the ActiON dashboard then I’ll have an answer to how to control the hue scene colors without a ton of fuss.

Thanks for the latest fix! +1 on groups, as I add things it’s starting to get crowded. @swindmiller’s CSS helped visually prioritize what’s going on though. Thanks to all!


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