SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

Everything is awesome!


@625alex Adding thermostat control has been great. Question though, what is the reasoning behind having a separate tile for Heat and Cool? Could you not add a feature where when you click on the Temperature Set Point you would bring up a menu, like you have with the mode tile, and you can select (Heat, Cool, Heat + Cool, Off) i think those are the ones I have with Nest which seam pretty standard for all thermostats.

This way I would only need one tile for temperature set point and not two, or having to remove one tile depending on seasonal changes.


I have 4.6.2 installed in my Smart Apps via the previous copying of code method. Should I remove that prior to running the install from the new website?

Thanks so much @625alex - …maybe a role with Samsung/Smartthings is in your future!

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Figured it out… fantastic. PayPal donation just sent and you deserve it!

Still having problems adding Weather
Went to
Logged in, did Add New Device,
Gave it a name (Weather), device network id (I called it “WX”)
Type: SmartWeather Station Tile
Location and hub: only choices it offers

Hit Create, it takes me to screen to log in again and I get:


Tried a few more times, finally did not get error above, but also doesn’t seem to have created the SmartWeather Station tile (or if it did, I have no idea where it is hiding)

is there a method to do multiple dashboard installations via the web service?

FINALLY got it. Installed it via iPhone rather than desktop - must have been something flaky in Chrome.
SmartTiles is SO cool! Bravo!

There is a number of reasons:

  • Not every home has heating and cooling at the same time. Most don’t. We have our furnace on from September to June.
  • Heat and cool setpoints still need to be present and be separate.
  • You may want to only allow to change heating or cooling controls, not bough.
  • You would save space and display only one set of controls and not two. Swap them two times per year.
  • I didn’t want to deal with thermostat mode: heat/cool/auto.
  • I wanted to have the most minimalist set of controls.
  • It’s always easy to put two tiles side-by-side.

I thought about it, a lot…

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You can upgrade taking this note into consideration:

You can also install new version along with the old.

Just deployed the new version, and tried to load it up on my Galaxy tablet. Oddly is asking for credentials to authenticate, which it doesn’t do in Chrome on my local PC. But overall, like this a lot! Looking great. Now mine is just too crowded for the device I was going to setup (7in)…

It is important to note that the dashboard and the IDE cannot be run simultaneously in the same browser.

They compete for a session at and keep logging each other out.

While working with the IDE, the dashboard should be temporarily terminated or run in a different browser.

I will add this to the blog.

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I’m trying to figure this out. There is the brute force approach, but there might be a more elegant way of doing it, which I haven’t discovered yet. I want to see how this works out before I dive into it.

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PM me with detailed steps please. I’m curious why it’s doing it.

@625alex this update looks great and the web service installation is a really nice feature. Good work as always!

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Thanks, its oddly working now. May have been that browser competing…? Not sure.

Now to embed the webcam credentials and I will be in a happy place!. Probably will need to divide the screens up a bit…

I installed mine yesterday with ALL of my things. This weekend is going to be a nice time to set up all the different access for the folks at home.

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Hey Alex,

Great work as per usual! Can you advice how to change fonts again? I deleted old install and also wondering if this will be in an update?

@625alex, I have a heat only system on Nest. Dashboard configured for heat only Nest control. I notice this every 6 to 10 seconds in my ActiOn 5.0 live logging:

debug Thermostat has trouble reporting coolingSetpoint. Is value not set when integer is expected?
error java.lang.NumberFormatException

SmartTiles is awesome. FINALLY my wife likes ST!!!
I’d like to set up a separate dashboard for my her. Looking for directions, all I see is "Install in IDE once, then create as many instances as needed in ST Mobile App. Not sure how exactly to do this - I don’t want to screw up the working one I’ve got!

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