Smartthings give me back my dashboard and shortcuts

I use to love to be able to look at the dashboard and see if some lights are on if there’s motion, if all my doors are locked closed etc. Now the only thing on the dashboard is the short cut to smart home monitor its really pointless.

The other big grip is yes it’s automation but I’d like to still easily turn on groups of lights with shortcut and you took the ease of that away. I don’t want to have to create a routine when it use to be so easy.

Anyway it really bums me out, I was so excited about the new hub and after reinstalling all of my devices and locks I find this out. It was like a kick in the jewels and a ha ha got yah.

Please fix this only Apple assumes they know what’s best and refuses to fix their mistakes.


No dates, but we are working on replacements that IMO are awesome! :smile:


That’s great to hear but can you let us know if it’s before Thanksgiving?

The only thing on the dashboard is “Smart Home Monitor”. The missing dashboard features makes the front page useless unless you’re using SmartThings as a Security system (which I am not).

Its the primary reason I didn’t migrate after I came to terms with all the other changes. I don’t think that’s important to ST, but there are lots of us out there.

I have a new theory: it is, in fact, its a built-in throttling mechanism for ST so not too many people try to migrate at once. Its genius, really. :smile:


I’d agree with your theory Ehoffman had ST stated on the Amazon sales pages, or the cover of the box: “don’t buy this if you have V1 because migration sucks.” Since they didn’t warn anyone, well other than after the fact, I think it’s fair to say… that your other theory is more correct. It’s not important to them.

If they do care then they’d tell us what changes are coming without these obscure references.

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was all tongue-in-cheek comment. :slight_smile:

I never used these shortcuts I always used the thing page, I do wonder though why they were removed w/out a replacement already available. On a similar topic, ST should allow devs to write apps that take advantage of all that blank space that is now left on the dashboard. I’m sure devs could easily write apps in a short period of time that did exactly what used to be there and even better.

I’d love to look at my dashboard and see this
SHM Alarm Deactivated
Thermostat is Cooling to 72 it’s currently 73
4 doors, 2 open 2 unlocked
6 windows, non are open
25 lights, 2 on
4 fans, 1 on
6 people, 2 are home
50 batteries, 6 are getting low
100 devices, 2 haven’t check in in 1 day
etc etc etc…


Yes bring back dashboard (make it customizable!), but don’t bring back shortcuts. I was sick of having too many named things with the same names. Drove me nuts. Glad to have gotten rid of those.

Love @mattjfrank’s suggestion.




Cool beans. I do feel like there’s a big hole they left even though I didn’t really like them before.

So am I right in thinking that there’s currently no way to have a single button that controls two physical switches? I used to have a shortcut for this, to control my bedside lamps, which are individual Z-wave switches. Now, with the new app, this functionality appears to be gone, though Smarttthings own post seems to suggest that the “Smart Lights” smart app is a replacement for this, which it doesn’t seem to be.

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You can use the big switch smart app to control multiple switches with one switch or from a virtual switch.

I believe Smart Lights App does this, I checked it out this morning, though I didn’t test it. I can turn on multiple lights from any trigger including another switch. Side benefit of possibly being local control too.

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You are correct. I migrated to v2 this past weekend and replaced all my “big switch” use cases to Smart Lights. When I turn on my bedroom switch, 3 outlets in the room turn on. And the good news is Smart Lights is supposed to run locally.

So how do get to your bedroom switch, is it on one of the main pages or do you have to flip 3 pages then scroll thru your rooms open the room and scroll down to the light and the turn it on?

That does not sound better than flip one page hit bedroom light short cut.

I know this sounds crazy but I just want smart things to be simple and easy. When they start reorganizing things for no reason and putting in extra layers to do a simple task it bothers me tells me they have a committee making their programming decisions people who only make changes because they have to justify their paycheck.

Smartthings Please hold a meeting in the big conf room on Monday or Friday when ever you have your weekly smart conf or what ever cute name you give it and vote to bring back the dashboard and shortcuts. Perhaps a silent vote so people can be honest.

If you don’t change these items it tells me nobody there uses the smart things app.


Thanks everyone, I’ll give a Virtual Switch a try, since my goal is to have a button in the app that simultaneously turns on two physical switches, which Smart Lights doesn’t do (without a virtual switch). Once I get my Flic buttons in, maybe this problem will be negated :wink:

Call me old school but I push the physical switch on the wall. :grin:. Or I push a button on my Minimote.

Yeah, my issue is that my physical switches are across the room, making it inconvenient for the lazy to turn the lights off after I’m in bed. I don’t have a Minimote, but I do have some Flic buttons on the way that I hope will help with this. Of course, it’s still up in the air if Flic will integrate directly with Smartthings, either via Bluetooth or the App, but they DO support IFTTT so that’ll be alright in the meantime.

Thats great, to each their own.

Remotes can get lost and the point is they had it, i liked it, It worked great now its gone with out a good reason.