Where are my tiles?

I purchased smarthings a very long time ago. I set it up and never messed with it after that. I do very simple things like turning lights on and off (actually that is all I use smartthings for).

I moved to a new apartment and decided to add wall sconces with no physical switches. I figured smarthings has been very reliable why not go all in.

I use to have tiles on my dahsboard that would do things. I erased all of them to start fresh but now I can’t get any lighting tiles back on the dashboard. All I get as an option is home security stuff.

does the way I use to do things no longer exists in smartthings? By deleting those tiles did I close the doors forever to that functionality?

What you are asking about were called “shortcut groups” in version one of the smartthings mobile app.

These were removed in version two of the app which was released in the fall of 2015. This was true whether you had v one of the hub or V2 of the hub.

We were told at that time that some equivalent functionality would be added back, but as yet it has not.

The following thread will help explain what options you now have:

And this is the thread where people have discussed the missing feature:

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So had I not deleted those tiles I would still have had that functionality?

It’s really no big deal because the myhome tab has everything I need.

Although my girlfriend is not going to be to happy that she has to “Re-Learn” how to turn the lights on and off. She’s use to just opening the app and having the shortcuts there.

Give http://SmartTiles.click a try.

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