Lights & Switches - Where did it go?

I have 2 hubs - V2 @ home, and V1 @ the office, setup as different locations under the same id.

On the current version of the iOS when viewing the office on the app, I have a dashboard and “lights & Switches” where I can configure each virtual switch to toggle off/on groups of devices.

When viewing the home hub (v2), instead of the dashboard, there’s the Smart Home Monitor but can’t seem to find the same “lights & Switches”. Did they get deprecated when moving up to the V2 hub?


Dashboards were removed and there was and still is a lot of unhappiness about it. Everything is under Things now.


Thank you - I took some time off of ST - at the time it just didn’t seem like it was going anywhere that I wanted to go, but just in the last few days, started to get back in when I wanted to control an outdoor light (90 Watt LED Street Light on my property). Appreciate the pointer to the other thread.