App update has broken the dashboard on my V1 hub

I did the app update last night and now my dashboard doesn’t work unless I tap around the app. I guess the DB isn’t refreshing itself.
The hub does notify me if I arm it and open a door, so it’s kind of like working.
Well, I’ll add dead dashboard to my list of work arounds on this system; along with crazy $30 keyfob that goes off all the time; no notifications if the power or internet goes down; and smartapps that don’t fire.

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Support told me that the dashboard with app v1 shortcuts will be “less supported” in the future. I take that to mean completely unsupported. I deleted all my dashboard shortcuts the other day and dashboard disappeared entirely. Now when I go to that tab in the app, it takes me straight into SHM with no other options.

That’s sad because I found those shortcuts fairly helpful, actually. :frowning:

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I look for the V1 hubs to be fazed out by end of summer just in time for all those people to buy into the V3. Ya, Samsung’s going to XP us out of their system, as V1 is more trouble than it’s worth to them. That’s the way I see things going as they’re not fixing any of these issues and every month or so we get new issues.

That’s correct. SmartThings deprecated the old App V1 Dashboard Solution SmartApps without any warning when they launched App V2 & Hub V2, even though those remained fully compatible with App V2 (and probably Hub V2).

Their phase out strategy was to prevent any new installations of these (thus giving them an excuse for not providing a Hub V1 to Hub V2 migration tool).

This is much closer to “feature murder” than “feature deprecation”.