Android dashboard goes right to Smart Home Monitor

When I start the Android SmartThings app, it goes right to the Smart Home Monitor. When I select the Dashboard icon in the lower left, it goes right to the Smart Home Monitor. I do not use the Smart Home Monitor, can I get rid of it? If not, how can I access the Ddashboard?

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My experience with the latest build is that it will open to the last pane that you quit the app in, which is a welcome change.

When I open the app, it does open the previously open pane. However, when I tap the dashboard icon, the app shows “Dashboard” at the top left for a brief second then automatically opens the Smart Home Monitor.

Sometimes mine will open to the SHM dashboard. I don’t use it. It doesn’t always open on the last pane I was in either.

With SmartThings v1, the Dashboard was one of the more valuable features of the app. With v2, it was inadequately replaced with SHM. We’ve been told that something better is in the works but I’m starting to doubt it. What you are seeing are remains of the good old days :).

My goal is to turn an outlet on and off at set times. All of the videos on how to do this seem to indicate that I need to access the Dashboard (which I cannot).

SHM is the dashboard on v2… unfortunately.

Thank you. Mystery solved. I will start another thread to figure out how to turn my outlet on and off automatically. Thanks all.

Instead of starting a thread, why not try the nifty search option?


Just use the Smart Lighting app from SmartThings to control your outlet. The nice thing about Smart Lighting is that it will run locally on the v2 hub.

I’m seeing a theme going here in your posts across the forum :smirk:

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