Status of Hub Replacement Tool?

Yes the DNI caching have give me lotsa trouble in the past.

Now am curious, when I look at the mobile presence devices, what if I took the DNI and created new mobile presence devices with the same DNI but now tagged to the new hub (and delete the old one). That should work right?

Once you delete the last device that is in a dashboard category, that dashboard category is gone forever. You cannot get it back. And there are no dashboard categories if you set up a new account except the smart home monitor.

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LOL, maybe? Who knows with this platform.


Man I REALLY liked those dashboards, I don’t understand why they rid of them, easy way to do a quick status check on the house and switches. My spouse is gonna kill me for this, she used it the most…

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:frowning: :tired_face: :cry:

You’re not the only one who liked them…

Best xAF substitute may be SmartTiles.


Yeah but that doesn’t run on the phone. Just got me thinking…

Sure it does, it runs in pretty much any web browser.


Yes ofcourse what I meant it doens’t run in ST’s app. :slight_smile: no doubt SmartTiles is the best browser dashboard out there, I’m thinking about spouse appeasement so I can continue my experimentation with the likes of ST. What ST doesn’t seem to appreciate is that most of the world is resistant to change, and training family to use ST is like moving a mountain. So when they do something dumb like get rid of a perfectly nice dashboard, we end up $*&% creek.



Just tell the family there’s a new feature and they get to pick their own color scheme. :wink:

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Well the real story is one for drinking beers lots of beers, cause it just doesn’t make sense.

If HTML ever gets released as shown at SDC (or better?) the replacement for it will be great. But I stopped holding my breath for any future promise ST ever speaks of. I’m a show me, don’t tell me and let me do it myself.


That WORKED like a CHARM! Phew, that’s load off, this was going to be the toughest, big family here :slight_smile:
Took my spouses’s DNI and created a new device linked to the new old hub, deleted the old device, she away from home, asked her to fire up the ST app and it promptly changed state to away.

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For now… For now… Honestly, no idea if it will break, but given the fragile state of presence as a whole… Don’t be surprised if you have issues.

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Do you have the brand of that charger? Have a similar outlet setup near my front door and this will solve an issue about “mounting” an old phone.

It’s just a plug-in dock. There are a bunch of those available. I pulled that particular example from the forum in the following thread because it showed SmartTiles a small device, but it looks like that specific model is no longer available.

Amazon usually calls these a “mini wall plug in dock charger”

Obviously you have to match the plug to your phone model.

Thingcharger is a new one with changeable tips. I don’t know how sturdy it is though, there are a lot of reviews about the phone getting knocked off of it. So you might need to add something additional to secure it. thing charger is different from the other chargers because The other ones have a dock that angles the device and thing charger just holds it straight vertically.


Here is why I think it works without a problem. The DNI contains the email address of the user and a unique device identifier. From what I can make out the device identifier is updated whenever the user logs into a new device but the email address is constant. Hence when moving it between hubs and creating a new device since both the device identifier and email are the same (as her device did not change) it works fine.

I’m wondering if there is a downside to applying the same strategy for wifi devices and other non Z wave devices like MyQ etc which use constant unique identifiers.

@slagle @duncan any thoughts. Anything to make hub replacement easier.

I have that exact dock and I use it for Sonos and Fic control in the kitchen.

Of course, it still doesn’t solve my original question as to the status of the conversion tool, which is also needed for replacement of ANY hub of one goes bad.

It’s coming up on a year for when it was promised to ship (originally Sept of last year, right?) and much longer than that from when it was originally announced.

This is actually becoming a concern of mine because devices like this actually do crap out from time to time. As an IT Director, I don’t like not having a way to do this.

It is also giving me great concern that they may have painted themselves into a corner on the backend somehow preventing them from creating the tool. And that, is even a bigger fear because that points to potential future problems we’ll all have.

Am I over-reacting on this and being lazy…perhaps, but I don’t really think so on this one.

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There is a lot to (over) react to. In my minds eye, SmartThings has barely been able to tread water since being acquired by Samsung. It has certainly tempered my enthusiasm for the product, and has me wondering how long they can survive in a mode where their is little to no forward progress.


The only reason they survive is because there’s no strong competitor. Still no HA solution from tier I companies (Google or Apple) and I think we all know why. Nobody has figured out how to make money in this market. I doubt SmartThings is making any profits either. :frowning: