Smartthings give me back my dashboard and shortcuts

Agreed - We all feel this way. I relied on Dashboard very much and would have never upgraded had I known I would lose it. Also, the fact that they say they are “working on something to replace it, but have no date” just goes to show that they never planned on replacing it, they’re only doing it because everyone started complaining. If there was an actual plan to replace it, then you build that system first, THEN remove the old one. You don’t remove the old one, ruin everyone’s experience, and then react.

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It’s on the things page (a long scroll), or on the routines page if you set that up (for some a short, for others a long scroll, and BTW another way to do this), and in the rooms.

Rooms is now a three click operation once the app is open and routines is a two click operation, versus before it was two clicks, so yes the effort may have gone up depending on how you do this. Bring dashboards back for sure, but I’m not sure one click more in one case here is a huge loss in functionality.

I actually really like rooms, smartapps layout, routines, etc now. HOWEVER, the dashboard is critical and quick for doing actions simply, and for the family.

My OCD to have everything organized sensibly, and visibly without shaking my phone, is satisfied with Rooms because groups in the old one didn’t feel quite right. lol.


Yeah, I’m not sure why they keep removing stuff with a “plan to replace it with something better” because this is DEFINITELY not the first time they’ve done this. Perhaps their Product Manager needs to take the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm…


I agree, I really miss it. All in the name of progress! Sometimes we need to take a step back and reevaluate, nothing worse than following the wrong path and having to backtrack.

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Agreed. Would love to see this return.

Oh, and is it really only supposed to have JUST the Smart Home Monitor? Only one item on the “Dashboard”, that doesn’t seem right.

Again, community feedback is good. It should be listened to.


Here is my response from support i don’t think they get it or even use the app.

Thanks for reaching out to us and for the feedback. I have passed on your feedback regarding locks in SmartHomeMonitor and the ability to view light status at a glance to our developers as those are both super good ideas.
To create a shortcut to control a group of lights, we will need two things; a virtual switch and Smart Lights. Here are the steps:
To create a virtual switch:

  1. Log in to with your SmartThings credentials
  2. Click “My Devices”
  3. Click “+ New Device” in the green box to the right
  4. Name the switch (for this example, we’ll say Living Room)
  5. Enter a random “Device Network ID” that is different from your current devices (for example 68476)
  6. Under “Type*” select “On/Off Button Tile” from the drop down menu
  7. Select the correct Location from the drop down menu
  8. Click Create
  9. Head into the SmartThings mobile app
    To create the automation:
  10. Tap the Star Burst icon in the bottom right corner
  11. Tap “SmartApps”
  12. Tap “SmartThings Recommends”
  13. Tap “Control and automate Lights and Switches”
  14. Tap “New Lighting Automation”
  15. Tap “Which lights…” and select the light(s) you wish to control (Such as LivingRoom 1 and LivingRoom 2)
  16. Tap “Done”
  17. Tap “What do you want to do” and select “Turn On” (or ‘Turn on and set level’ if using a dimming device in which you wish to turn on to a setting less than 100%)
  18. Tap “Select Trigger” and select “Switch”
  19. Tap “Which Switch” and select the button tile we created in the web portal, “Living Room”
  20. Leave “Turn off as well” set to “ON”
  21. Configure any optional settings as well such as mode, time, or days
  22. Tap “Next”
  23. Switch “Edit automation name” if you wish to name the automation something specific (optional)
  24. Tap "Done"
    I know this isn’t an ideal situation but I appreciate your feedback so we can improve.
    If you have other questions/concerns, please let me know.

SmartThings Support

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In case a few of you did not see my initial reply.

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Will this bring parity between the Android and Windows Phone version?

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I am confused by this thread. I opened a related thread and was sent here. But in my app I have two hubs.

My V2 hub displays all the dashboard stuff I always enjoyed.
My V1 hub does not.

Why would me V2 hub be working differently from others ?

Here are my two dashboards currently.

Mine looked that way, it’s when you uninstall your devices from your old hub and the install them on your new hub. The dashboard will only show the security and you will nolonger be able to create grouped light shorts cuts.

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But I did remove my devices from my old hub to move them to the V2 hub.
It’s the V2 hub that still has the groups.

Then I moved my empty V1 hub to work and started adding a few items. Setting up the V1 hub I don’t have these.

Perhaps I configured my V2 hub before they “BROKE” this feature. Sorry but removing it because you plan to make a better one some day is ridiculous. This is now broken !

Sir we plan to remove your heart today because our technical staff is working on a new improved robotic heart that will some day replace the heart we are removing. You of course are going to die but it’s for the better good…someday :slight_smile: :heartbeat:


I have only ever had the V2 hub and run the ST App on both Android and Windows Phone. The Android App is the picture you have on the left and Windows Phone on the right, both using the same V2 hub and devices only ever registered to it.

Better than not at all, but weak that they took it away in the first place.
I find the new app far less usable, far harder to navigate, and missing many functionalities I used to use.
I am carefully keeping several deprecated SmartApps that mercifully have been grandfathered in (for now), but even some of those have lost functionality.

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After using the new app on my V2 hub for a few days now, this is my sentiment exactly. I’m amazed the dashboard just disappeared. The Home monitor is fine and all, but it’s really a separate thing and is surely no “replacement” dashboard.

SmartTiles is a decent alternative, but it was really nice seeing “Doors closed” and “Family all present” at a glance.


I like rooms, and I really believe Dashboards is coming back, just revamped. They wouldn’t waste real estate on the front screen without some plan to put something there. Now whether we all like what they put there is another conversation for when we cross that bridge.

Agree 100%…

I think the rooms would be ok but i would rather have groups of devices. Indoor light, outdoor lights motion sensors etc. I have a lot of devices and the alphabetical list is a waste of time

Just updated the app to 2.03 No change yet come on Smartthings.

Thanks for the update. Saved me a download and another round of disappointment.

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