Smart Home Monitor - Feature Requests



Just a topic to collect feature requests for this new solution module.

Most obvious, which I believe is probably already on the way:

Ability to monitor locks for locked/unlocked/other status.

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(Greg) #2

Audio notification (sonos) for alarm activated or deactivated.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #3


(Marc) #4
  1. Locks
  2. Ability to see custom rules in dashboard as opposed to drilling in
  3. Ability to tailor alarms verbiage

(Marc) #5

You can monitor temperature as a custom rule. I know this because I got an alert that my dryer is over 80 degrees today (I should not have included that in my alarm settings)

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #6

The problem with custom rules is they have no visual identity in the interface. If you miss the notification, you’re hosed. I see no value provided by SHM for custom rules, but maybe I am missing something.

(Marc) #7

Agreed and that is one of my feature requests listed above. The old Damage and Danger dashboard had the visual so I have no idea why they took this functionality away.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #8

I believe we will see more aggregate apps like SHM… they just weren’t ready for the release date.

(Ron S) #9

LOCKs. Locks. locks…

(Bryan Fleming) #10

Yes, locks!

Ability for the lock to arm and disarm the system when locked and unlocked (with code).

(Av8rdude) #11

All the features of Smart Alarm. I will not uninstall Smart Alarm until Smart Home Monitor is equally as capable.

  • Entry/Exit Delay is a must!

Weekly Update from Alex - 05/27/16
SHM Mode Indicator - Any good ideas?

Maybe I’m just not understanding how to do this, but I can’t figure out how to get what I want.

I have a couple of contact sensors. They’re not part of the burglar alarm system and I don’t want any big red “intruder alert” Star Trek klaxxons going off. But I do want to be able to quickly glance at one screen and see if any of these have been left open. Is the gate open? Is the closet open? Is the window open?

I have all of the set up to notify me as custom alerts under SMH. But I’m only getting some notifications, and nothing is showing up on the dashboard.

If I drill down, I can see the status of the device being open.

Note that these are in different rooms: the gate is in the yard, windows in the guestroom, the closet is in the laundry room.

If there’s a way to quickly see which contact sensors are open other than adding them to the security category I’d appreciate knowing.

If there isn’t, then that’s my feature request. I want to see status for devices which I have said I important for alerts, but which are not “intruder alert” devices.

(Jeff Jackson) #13

Add proximity sensors capability. So I can add both cell phones and the system can “Arm” and “Disarm” according to our location. I don’t want to pull up the app and push a button. With the Smart App I utilize to current set my security system I can also turn on and off stuff, please add this functionality as well.

(Marc) #14

You can do this with routines. If your mode changes when you come home via routine, you can modify that routine to disarm the alarm.

(Jeff Jackson) #15

Thanks, that worked.

(Jeff Jackson) #16

Having trouble with adding my Dropcam and Nestcam cameras. Any idea why?

(Greg) #17

Not supported 1234567

(Jeff Jackson) #18

What brand is? Is this an upgrade in the future?

(Greg) #19

I just discovered that if you accidentally set off an alarm with SHM and then run either a routine or press disarm in SHM it doesn’t silence sirens. you have to navigate to things to silence the siren.

I think that is an oversight and should be fixed ASAP to preserve xAF

(Greg) #20

Currently these models compatible
D-Links models 5222L, 5029L, DCS-2330L, DCS-2310L, and DCS-2132L and the Samsung SmartCam SNH-P6410BN