Smart Home Monitor - Feature Requests

Unfortunately, this is STILL not ideal for folks that have more than one ‘home’ mode such as ‘home day’ and ‘home evening’ (which I would assume is a lot of users).

The built in routines need a time filter so that the proper mode is set depending on what time the presence sensor returns. This has been asked for numerous times and it is unfortunate that it has not been implemented.

You should be able to get this with doors and locks, is that not working for you in 2.0?

You don’t have doors and locks in 2.0, at least not yet. The only thing on the dashboard is the smart home monitor. And it doesn’t include any locks. And I can’t get the contact sensors to show up unless they’re part of the “intruder alert” security group.

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There is a fundamental flaw in SHM with respect to the smoke detector section. In the county where I live, hard-wired smoke detectors are required by law. Since I am aware of no “connected” hard-wired detectors, my system needs to be connected to SmartThings via a relay and contact closure device.

The ‘flaw’ is that only conventional, ‘connected’ smoke detectors are recognized as a device that can be added to the smoke section.

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I just went through this with my electrician as I am adding a new bedroom and now I am required to have hardwired, interconnected Smoke/CO alarms in every bedroom and on every floor. I elected to go with the hardwired Nest Protects which do have wireless interconnected capabilities (which from my understanding is ok in NY as they even promote it on their web page).

Granted, ST doesn’t officially support the Nest Protects, but I am using a community device type and they all show up properly in SHM.

Thank you for reminding me to modify my Home (Night) routine to disarm my SHM as I only did my Home one. Yes, it might require you to modify a few routines.

There is a problem there, and that is no local operation on v2 hub with community developed device types. And if there was one place you’d really want that, SHM (and it’s various routines) is it.

Agreed, but that’s another topic entirely. I am hoping they eventually modify their stance on what can be local vs not.

I might be missing something here but I see no way to modify the routines for the missing functionality. If I am in ‘home evening mode’, where various lights are actuated that are not in ‘home day’ mode, and I travel out for an egg cream… when I get back (and my mode is set to ‘home day’) I am left in the dark.

Now obviously I have my own SmartApp for this that checks the time and sets the mode accordingly, but that’s not gonna run locally on V2 hub, plus I’ll have to modify that routine to run the correct routine as there seems no way at this point to actually disarm SHM directly within a SmartApp.

Unfortunately, I continue to be surprised by the lack of thought put into these integrations. I would really like to use the stock rules/actions/device types where possible (to get as much running locally as possible), but their lack of common sense precludes that (especially given that this flaw has been pointed out to SmartThings numerous times in the past).

I have four modes for this: Home, Night (Home), Night (Away) and Away. Each of these routines arm/disarm my SHM appropriately. I am having trouble uploading a screenshot, but you should see a “Set Smart Home Monitor to” section. I then use the Home Phrase Director app to change modes for me automatically.

The local processing is another topic. If your concerned about your Internet Connection being down, you wouldn’t get an alert either way if someone was breaking into your home even if it’s a local or cloud app.

I am more concerned about the execution when we are home, and it is SmartThings, not my internet connection, where those concerns lie.

Like I said, I have my own Come and Go SmartApp that does this correctly, it just would be nice to see a time filter in the Routines. IIRC, there is a day filter there (wtf), but nothing for time. Seems like something a lot of users will need.

It would be great if there was a way to subscribe to intrusion events and other alerts. This would allow augmenting SHM built-in notifications with user-defined methods, for example, sound & voice, Pushbullet and othe messaging services, email, et.

Also, just to bring the SHM to the comparable level of functionality with Smart Alarm:

  • Delayed arming (exit delay)
  • Delayed alarm (entry delay)
  • Arm/Disarm using remotes. This can be accomplished by using remote to execute Routines, but currently requires additional smart app since Routines don’t have an option to be tied to a button, unfortunately.
  • Expanded notification options. One phone number for SMS notifications is not enough. Ideally, this should be made expandable by utilizing notification devices (with capability.notification) and/or broadcasting alerts via location event mechanism.

For the last point, I would think that one should be allowed to choose from contact list once available for all in iOS.

I don’t know about anyone else, but additional widgets for Android would be great, that or routine buttons for a home screen would be nice.

  1. SHM should not arm if an open/closed sensor is open or a lock is unlocked, unless you override it. Example reply from SHM: “System not ready to arm, Patio Door is open. Override?”

  2. Ability to select siren action, e.g. siren only, strobe only or both (if these are supported by the device).

  3. Get rid of the Dashboard entirely and replace it with SHM, with the ability to add more items you want to monitor with their status shown. The idea is, one glance at SHM and you will know the status of your entire home.


I would like to shut down the AC if smoke is detected. Please forgive me if that is already possible.

I’ve written a SmartApp that allows using remotes to arm/disarm Smart Home Monitor independently of Routines.


There is an important design flaw in the Smart Home Monitor, when we change the mode to stay or away and there is a door or window open, we arent told so and it looks like everything is okay and the door is kept open, the alarm only triggers if you close the door and open it again


Feature Request:

When lights are triggered also have the ability to make them flash on/off.

  1. Notification options for Security Status changes (Arm Stay, Arm Away & Disarm - these are not modes). I decided to remove Smart Alarm and try SHM. I need the notifications sent to all family members about the status of the Security system. To accomplish this I had to create a routine to change the state of the Security system and create a virtual switch that is turned on/off. Then use Notify Me When the virtual switch is turned on/off. Smart Alarm has an option to notify on status changes.

  2. Add “Switches” to the Custom SHM category. Until all capabilities are available in Custom SHM I need the Notify Me When app.

  3. Add the Security System Status to all the Home views. It currently displays Mode but I want to see the Security Status, also. This will allow me to get rid of Modes like “Alarm On Away”, “Alarm On Stay”, and “Alarm Off”. I need these mirrored Modes currently to easily see Alarm Status in several different views. Presenting the Security System Status on the Home views/tabs would really help many of us clean up our modes and remove a few.

  4. Entry/Exit Delay customizable for individual doors. (Like Smart Alarm).

  5. Flash Lights Option.

  6. Build the “Flasher” app functionality into the Custom SHM category.