STHM - Custom Monitors - Where is it?

I migrated to the new app manually and I don’t see a way to set up custom monitoring rules. I see others mentioning it as it’s own SmartApp, but I don’t have it. Is there any way for me to install it or do I need to update the Classic App to the latest version and hit the migrate button?

I’m looking to set up these rules in the new app and delete them from the old one before Oct 14th …


In the new app, you will mainly use automations to do all the custom monitoring rules you want.

To add STHM in the new app, click on + (plus) in the upper right of the dashboard, select smartapp then STHM.

You can also create alerts for smoke, leaks and security in STHM. Just open it and click on cog in the upper right of that screen. Alerts such as audio, sms, push notifications and lights when a security, leak or smoke is detected.

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I have STHM installed and working, but I’m missing the ability to add custom monitoring rules, like “door was left open for x minutes”. These are the only options I see:

Edit: I found someone else asking a similar question on Reddit:

You will need to use automations. It is not built into STHM like the old SHM had. But the for x minutes might be slightly harder to configure.

Hold on… I am searching for the @jdroberts faq page he created for these type of rules :slight_smile:

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I took the plunge and updated the Classic App and did the migration. There is a new SmartApp now in the new app that can handle these rules. Here’s what it looks like:

I couldn’t find a way to manually install this app. but it’s here after the migration!


OK… something I have not see before. :slight_smile:

Yup, I think it was added to the migration process mid-way and those that manually set up their routines in the new app don’t have it. For this reason alone, I think it’s worth clicking that button and complete the migration …

Why have a “Custom Monitors” app that can only be installed by the migration!? I hope someone figures out how to do so manually.

That must be new. It used to be a gap in the migration since Automations in the new app STILL doesn’t support door open for X minutes.


I searched through the various IDE from Template SmartApps listings and didn’t see anything named ‘Custom Monitors’. SmartThings really needs to make this ‘Custom Monitors’ SmartApp available so everyone can add it without pushing the migration button.

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You will not find non-groovy code nor Smartapps used by the new app in IDE. About the only item you will find that is non-groovy is the term “placeholder” shown in the device type field for devices. But you will not see the code for it :slight_smile:

But I agree, they need to make custom monitoring available to install for everyone. Always possible they will add it with the next app update.


Based on the UI of the screen shot, i’m guessing that’s just the custom monitor code from Groovy SHM lifted out and installed separately as its own smartapp by the migration utility. Probably just a stop-gap until contact open duration is added to the automation creator.

Why SmartThings did not provide this ‘Custom Monitor’ SmartApp in the new SmartThings app in the first place months ago is beyond me. Waiting until now when users are migrating and then giving it to them is fine, but what about the early adopters who migrated manually to the new SmartThings app a long time ago before the migration option was even available? SmartThings needs to provide the source code for this ‘Custom Monitor’ SmartApp so that the rest of us can have it too since it does resolve some missing Routings in the new SmartThings app that were available in the old SmartThings app!

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There is a smart app you can add called Left it Open. I don’t remember the exact process but you have to manually add it. I’m sure if you do a search you can find it.

And then there’s webCoRE.

The “Something Left Open” SmartApp is only available in the Classic App under the “Energy Management” section. You can’t add it from the new app.

(which means you can only add it for the next 2 days)

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It’s also available in the Templates on the IDE website.

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Templates? Nor familiar

From the IDE website, go to the My SmartApps tab, click the New SmartApp button, and then the From Template button. Left It Open is in the list of apps here. Just select it, click Create, Publish, and For Me. Once added, you can now activate it in the SmartThings app in the Add SmartApp menu.