Cant find my custom SHM rule

Add a smart app
Smart Thing Recommends
Smart Home Monitor Custom
New Monitoring Rule
What kind of device -> Temp
Selected all devices that support temp
Temperature greater than 78
Every 30 mins
Send Push Notif/set a phone number/Custom message
Alert w Sirens
gave name too hot and SAVE

says at top Automating Too Hot

BUT I Can’t find the automation, it does not show up under SmartApps or Routines

where do I find it ??

SHM rules are treated separately from routines and smart apps. You need to go into the SHM section and you will see them there.

Thanks for response …however I look under Smart Home Monitor and there is a section for Security and Leaks but no mention of my custom “Too Hot”

BTW I know its working because I set the temp wrong and I got notifications

tap the gear in the upper right


Click on the little gear icon in the top right of the SHM screen (the one in your screenshot), then click on “custom“ and you will see the custom rules you have already created plus have the option to create a new one.

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OK, thanks much for your help!
I DO see it there… I just thought it would show up on the main screen for SmartHome Monitor like the leak sensor. Oh well…
Thanks again.

It’s definitely a confusing design. It seems likely that they wanted to reserve the main screen space for those alerts that could be used with third-party monitoring systems like the official scout integration. Which doesn’t recognize your custom alerts. But who knows? :sunglasses:

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