STHM Custom monitors app: is it staying or going?

Does anyone know?

Is the custom monitors app, is it being turned off at the end of the month?

what is the custom monitors app? If it is a custom groovy smartapp, it will cease.

If you had rules within security/monitors in the old app, the rules were migrated over to the new app as “custom monitors”

However if you had already migrated SHM manually you missed out on this. This remains a sore point even though it didn’t really affect me.

However it is a good question so I’ll shut up now.


Does anyone have any info on the Custom Monitors? They used to be in SHM, then they moved them to their own smart app, and now the future is unknown.
I use the Custom Monitors to monitor high and low temperatures around my house. It is very important to me. Yes, you can say that I can just create routines to do what the custom monitors do, but there are two problems with that.

  1. I have 10 custom monitors which monitor temps and alert my if the temps are too low or too high. One custom monitor can execute either the high or low alert, telling me if the alert is for low temp or high temps. Turning them into routines means I have to create 20 routines because there is no way to put low and high temp alerts into one routine. The options for temps are matches, equal or above, equal or below, or range. You can’t choose more than one of those options.
  2. The alert from custom monitors gives me the actual temperature that triggered the alert in the notification. For example, the notification would say – Extreme temperature of 78.1 degrees is detected in the living room. Routines don’t do that.

Any info any has would be appreciated. Thanks.

Same question,
Yes, that moving from monitors to new routines is a loss of functionality.

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