Power cycle hub remotely?

Is it possible to reboot the hub remotely? I am having some of the same problems others were having last night with stuff not responding. My outside light did not turn off at sunrise like it usually does and now I notice my thermostat did not change when we left, although the mode did change. I am at work and want to reboot my hub to see if it fixes it. Is this possible?


Within the IDE you can do just that. From the IDE select “My Hubs” -> “View Utilities” -> “Reboot Hub”.

Hope this helps.


Sweet! thanks, I will give it a try

With the problems the platform experienced last night in particular, whether your hub would respond to the reboot command sent from the IDE is questionable. YMMV, but my hub didn’t. I had to power cycle it the old-fashioned way.

Thanks, my wife had already reset it from home before I could try.

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I use one of these to remotely reboot my hub and other networking equipment.


It’s not integrated with SmartThings (but I would love to see it done) so I can log into it directly and power cycle the outlet even if the ST is down.

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I have the same config. I would love to see a device type for the power strip as well…

Last week I was invited to Smartthings office in Minneapolis to demo their upcoming app. I was given a $50 Amazon gift card and a Smartthings coffee mug for my participation. I was so excited that I decided to switch out my Wink hub in my other house and bought a Smartthings Hub V2.

My Dropcam, Liftmaster garage door, Logitect Harmony Hub and Sonos all works great, however all of my z-wave and zigbee devices paired well, but I have to unplug and plug back in my new ST Hub about every hour so my z-wave and zigbee things will keep working.

Did I get a bad ST Hub, should I have gotten a V1, or should I have just stayed with my limited option but basic working Wink Hub?

This is a lot of money to invest in for a product that only works 120 minutes per time.

I found an work around for this problem online: Hook your ST hub to a z-wave outlet that is controlled by a Wink hub, to cycle on/off every 60 minutes. REALLY?!

No phone number to call for help, online chat disconnected, and who knows how long for them to respond to your email?

Anyone have any idea what to do here?

Wait for the response and/or go through your logs for clues

where is the hub loated vs the devices… try to have the hub centrally located… also need to put wired deivce in like switches etc to boost signal… sounds like you are having signal issues… but as said previously check the logs… also run a zwave repair

Thank you all for taking the time to share with me your tips. This is much appreciated. THANK YOU!

This is my 3rd smart home. I’m not new to this, but please keep sharing your ideas, because sometimes the problem can be so simple, we just over look it.

My hub is as centerly located in my house that it could be. It’s not a signal problem because when I reboot it, EVERYTHING works great. After about two hours, nothing works again.

HOWEVER: the app shows the lights are turning on and off, but the devices really are not responding.

Put a plug in switch right next to hub. If after 2 hours when stuff stops working, if the switch also does not work than I would say hub is bad and get it replaced.

Also, can you ping it when this happens. Also, can you ping other stuff on your network?
If you cannot ping it , it could be network issues. What us your dhcp timeout.

Also when it happens go into app and put it into add device mode… does the green light start flashing.

When this stops working…

When I go to add device mode, the green lights on the hub remain solid green.

The location of the hub is in the same place my Wink hub sat. I didn’t have any issues with my Wink hub.

If I don’t hear back from ST support today, the damn thing is going back and I’m setting back up my Wink hub. Wink maybe light in what it offers, but at least the damn thing works!

@Daniel1 A few of us are having the symptoms you’re describing (see Z-wave stopped working from V2 Hub). Is it just your switches and dimmers that stop responding? All my z-wave sensors (motion and open/close) work just fine, but none of my switches are responsive to commands from the app. All locally controlled actions through the smart lighting smartapp still work flawlessly, so I don’t think it is a signal issue.

I received a reply from support yesterday that said they were having issues on their end that might be the source of my problems, but they were unclear as to whether the issues were resolved or, if not, a timeframe for resolution.

It is very frustrating to say the least, but I would hang in there until this is resolved. I was a former Wink user as well, and when SmartThings is working properly, it blows Wink out of the water.

Thank you Benny for your input.

No, my smart lighting doesn’t work either.
My Sonos, Harmony Hub, MyQ, Dropcam, all work, just my z-wave, zigbee and the option to add new devices stop working.

I have two homes, One in Florida that is being run off my ST V1 and my Minnesota home that was being run off a Wink. This is the home that I’m trying to get my new ST V2 to work on.

Last week I was invited to preview ST’s upcoming changes on their app. They gave me a gift card for my time, so I thought I’d pay it forward to them and buy their V2 hub for my MN house. So I’m not out much dollar-wise.

Sounds a little different then, but could definitely be related. I will keep you posted if I hear anything.

Thank you Benny…
I too will let you know what I find out.
In the meantime, I hope you have a great Christmas.

sounds like the hub has crashed as the light should flash… try unplugging the net cable from the hub when this occurs. .if the light does not turn blue in a few minutes it definitely has crashed or hung…

if you were having wider network problems the hub light would go blue. So I believe it is a faulty hub… could also be the power supply to the hub… do you have it plugged into an ups or good power strip.

Okay guys… I just heard back from ST Support and they think (and so do I) they figured it out…

ST Hub will show to have some issues if you have to many Sonos devices hooked up to it. My 10 devices were a bit to much. I have for now dropped it down to just one speaker and have also took off my Harmony Hub. I’ll give this 24 hours to see if it settles down. After that I will see about hooking my Harmony Hub back up and maybe see if running the other Sonos speakers thru the HHub and control the HHub via ST.

Until then, I hope you all have a great and blessed Christmas!!!

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOU ADVICE… not one dumb suggestion, that’s cool and much respected.

ya I had to remove my harmony … something in last release was causing it to go crazy deleting and re-adding devices constantly… I may try again. others have not seen this but again I have 98 devices on this hub…

I didn’t use the harmony remote for devices much anyway now that I have alexa…