Power cycle ST hub remotely

So, occasionally I need to power cycle my ST hub to get the system to behave. I would like to be able to do this remotely. I saw a post that mentioned doing this from the IDE. Sounds good but I dunno what the IDE is.
TY for any help.


Log on and then goto the Location Tab
Select Home
Scroll Down to Hub and Select your Hub
Scroll Down to Utilities and Select View Utilities
Select Reboot Hub

Better to point folks to https://account.smartthings.com

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Thank you very much. You have taught me something.

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I find that plugging the hub into a separate (from SmartThings) WiFi power outlet will allow you to remotely cut the power to the device and force a hard reboot. Sometimes this may be necessary if the hub is unreachable via the IDE. For this to work, you have to run without the back up batteries installed in the hub.

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Thank you very much.

What if your WiFi goes down?

Then you call someone and have them unplug it… :smile:

Assuming someone is home. But if you are working or on vacation you have a nonaccessible device. Or if the wifi works but the device has an issue itself.