Power Cycle Timer?

Howdy yall,

I’ll admit I’ve never made my own SmartApp or anything like that so I’m still learning. I have a background of some coding so the concepts hopefully aren’t brand new to me. I’d like to create a new SmartApp that turns the power off to my Z-Wave metering switch (Aeon Labs) for xx seconds then turns it back on. Sadly, I have a terrible router (that is NOT being used for my hub) that requires me to reboot it pretty regularly. I want to set this SmartApp to run on a schedule (i.e. every morning at 0400) but also have a button on the dashboard for me to run the App myself if needed.

Does anyone have a good starting point for this?


I don’t have a smart app but I had the same problem with one of my wifi connected speakers. Instead of using a smart device for $30-$40 to power cycle in the middle of the night I used one of the old plug-in timers for $3. Not a smart solution but a cheap one.


I think the problem here is still that most SmartApps with the exception of Smart Lights and the Smart Home Monitor are still cloud based. So you would turn off the router and it would never receive the command to turn back on as the Hub will have lost connection with ST Cloud. This of course assumes that you have just one router and it is the central connection. If not, and this is a connection that is not your main connection where the ST hub is connected, then you should be able to use ST to turn of a connected switch and then turn it back on using scheduled events.

A cheap and effective way to accomplish this is to purchase a timer at the store, set it to turn off at 4 am and back on at 4:10 am, Not connected to ST but works.

I so agree with the KISS process. Dag 20 char limit

I had the same need so I wrote this SmartApp: