Reboot Smartthings Hub Hourly, Daily?

Is it possible to make an app that reboots the hub on a timed basis? I notice that my GE Plugin Dimmer loses connection with the smart hub on an hourly basis - even is they are right next to each other. It works after a reboot.

An app like this would be a lifesaver.


Is there anything else close to a GE bulb using the 2.4ghz frequency? I had the same problem with one close to my Chromecast device. Sonos and your wireless hub could also be interfering.

I agree with @beckwith here. There is likely a communication issue with the switch. If moving the hub doesn’t work for you, give us the details of the connection and switch location.

On the other hand, if this is a Z-Wave device you might want to try a Z-Wave repair and check the logs. It could be a bad device.

I have to reboot my SmartThings hub at least every two days to keep it communicating with all my ZigBee devices. I have a fairly complex ZigBee network with several routers so it may be unique to my configuration.

I use Mobotix cameras at my home and their software automatically reboots the camera daily at 3am. Haven’t had my Mobotix cameras go down in 3 years.

Might be something smartthings can look into. I’m sure it would boost reliability.

Yeaaa, no! Rebooting is not a long term answer.

I think it is a bug in the hub’s firmware or something on my end and rebooting should be viewed as a workaround until the problem is found and fixed. You can reset the hub from the IDE so if I’m not home that is what I do to get my ZigBee network back. I was just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing I am. I haven’t contacted tech support as the problem is random and is going to require a great deal of time to find and fix. I’m hoping some future firmware release will just fix it.

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Not sure if I’ve had the same issue since my issue was Z-wave. I have nearly 100 devices and about a week ago some switches were becoming unresponsive. Logs indicated UART failures among others.

I tried several Z-Wave repairs and did several reboots to no avail. I contacted support and they suggested I unplug the hub and plug it back in after a couple of minutes. After a couple of Z-Wave repairs everything is working fine.

If you watch the logs during reboot, it seems to do a ZigBee and Z-Wave repair. Seems a hard boot is more likely to solve mesh issues than a soft boot.

This could be just coincidence so keep that in mind if you consider it for your case. I would hate to see everyone go out and periodically recycle power on their hubs if it doesn’t help anything. And I agree such a tactic should only be considered a workaround.

Personally, I have not seen any reason to reboot my hub. I think I did it once when I thought it wasn’t pairing a device but turns out it was already paired and I missed it in the IDE.

I have 3 different Zigbee mesh networks in my house, Control4 home, Control4 dev and Smartthings all competing for 2.4ghz space… In my office they are close to a ton of interfering devices…

Not to say it doesn’t happen, but if you have to reboot your hub, its a symptom of a deeper issue. Now if we just had the tools to see signal strength, routes, etc in the IDE that would help diagnose issues.

Also, would love to see a hub proxy for pushing zigbee packets from hub to hub, so roaming devices out of a mesh range would be possible. No need to extend your mesh coverage all over, just run a wire to a second hub…

The remote devices I’m communicating with are several hundred if not close to thousand feet away outside in my landscaping. There is no way I can or would want to run a wire out there for a second hub. I think my installation may be unique since it spans such a large area. I have several devices that are two ZigBee routers away from the SmartThings hub and those are the devices I loose communications with about every two to three days. I think most people who are using SmartThings are in a more confined space with most devices directly connecting to the hub or only one router away. Not sure just guessing.

Patrick, do you know if you have devices that are two routers away from your hub? Its hard to tell for sure unless you have a ZigBee mapping tool that can look at the routing tables.

I’m guessing we don’t have the same issue since you are Z-Wave and I’m 100% ZigBee. These are two completely different radios in the hub and I would imagine have very little firmware in common. But who knows! Good point on the power cycle vs reset. There has been a time or two a reset didn’t fix the problem and I had to cycle the power. Anyway its looking more and more like the problem is unique to me. Thanks

You may want to create a new thread as this one is 6 years old. Also provide more details such as what type of devices, which hub (model #) and what is happening. Someone will most likely be able to offer suggestions on how to resolve any issues :slight_smile: