Ecobee 3 lite remote sensors

Recently installed an ecobee3 lite with two remote sensors. I managed to get the ecobee integrated into SmartThings and the remote sensor show up. I’m able to change the temperature on the main thermostat based on ST routines. What I ultimately want to do is change the mode on the ecobee with routines. This would allow me to use the ecobee remote sensors to control the heat/cool based on their temp.

If that isn’t clear… when I run my night time routine I want the ecobee to control the furnace based on the two remote sensors temperature. When I run the away routine I want the thermostat itself to control the temperature.

Any suggestions?

Install the free program that is posted here. It does everything. I’ve used the free one and the paid one. I just like the free one better.


With My Ecobee device and the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp (included in My Ecobee bundle), you can use any ST connected temp/motion sensors and choose which ones will participate in the setpoints adjustment using the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules. The schedules in the smartapp can be associated to your ST location mode (Away, Home, Night) and associated to the right ecobee climate settings.

You can even choose which calculation method (average, median, min, max, heat-min/cool-max) for the setpoints adjustment based on your remote sensors…

Also, you can create virtual zone devices to do targeted heating/cooling in your home:


It’s similar to the ecobee’s follow me and smart away features, but the smartapp can be much more reactive with other ST motion sensors as the ecobee’s proprietary remote sensors are a bit slow to react to motion.

See the following ecobee API limitations for details:

For more details about My Ecobee device and ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, refer to the ST community wiki:

There are many use cases supported by my zoning smartapp:

P.S. No other ecobee implementation can do this…