[DEPRECATED] Ecobee DTH and Helper SmartApps

Most of the functionality didn’t work with the Carrier Cor. The temperature and humidity shows and you can change the temperature but everything else basically didn’t work. It showed the routines but pressing them didn’t do anything.

Hmmm…odd. I’ll do a little research…

Also Motion doesn’t work but that is also not working with the default ecobee smartapp.

So, from what I can tell:

  • the Cor doesn’t have a motion/occupancy sensor, and doesn’t support external sensors
  • the Cor supports Climates/Programs/Profiles “Wake”, “Home”, “Away”, “Sleep”
  • the Cor supports an external humidifier, and dehumidification (not sure if it’s by AC only, or with a separate device)

If you want me to figure out how to make Program changes work, you could turn on Debug Level 5, enable Live Logging for the device, and then try changing the Program from the SmartThings device - hopefully the log will capture an API error that I can track down…

Also, it appears that the Carrier Cor can disable remote API-driven schedule/Profile/Program changes…you have to Enable this from the Cor itself:

@storageanarchy, @StrykerSKS
Hi Barry and Sean,

Thanks for your work, guys. I’m encouraged by this effort to benefit the ST community. One thing I’m not 100% clear on:

Does this set of DTH and Apps for the Ecobee support averaging in temps from third-party sensors similar to this:

Just curious. This is one of the most important functionalities for my purposes.


I’m sorry, at present neither my version nor Sean’s supports averaging temperatures using non-Ecobee sensors (we just let the Ecobee does the job it is designed to do). I’m not aware of any free/open source version that does.

Thanks for the clarification, Barry, and please do keep up the good work.

Updates posted today adds support for Health Check in both thermostat and sensor devices. Also, the thermostat date and time of the last poll response is displayed on either side of the “Command Center” display.

I have also begun the work to support thermostats in time zones/zip codes different from the SmartThings’ hub location. This will allow for ST thermostat devices for other locations, even if there isn’t a ST hub at that location. This isn’t quite complete yet, but it should work (and not crash) - weather icons might not change from night/day correctly, and a few other oddities might still exist.

I’ve read most of the post on this thread, but did not notice this. I have three “Helper” apps set up to change ecobee mode to Away, when my goodbye routine runs, Home when “I’m Back” runs, and Sleep, when Good Night runs. It seems be working as far as the ecobees (I have 2), do change to those modes, but the Smartthings Ecobee (Connect) app shows them as Auto Away.

Heres a quick screen shot from the Ecobee App and Smartthings App. I clicked refresh, closed the app, etc. I updated all apps and device handlers to the most current version as of today.

I am currently in Home mode on my ecobee, when I took these screen shots

Update: I just noticed that My downstairs Ecobee shows the correct Mode of HOME. Additionally when I tried to manually change the mode to “Home” it went right back to away. Screen Capture attached

Hmmm…it appears that Upstairs thinks the default program is Auto Away…do you use the Smart Home/Away feature on Upstairs but not on Downstairs?

If you’re going to let SmartThings manage Home/Away, you might want to turn off this feature on the Thermostat.

That said, Ecobee (Connect) should handle the situation. I’m going to need to ask you to capture some info for me so I can chase this down. I’ll send instructions in a PM…

Thanks Barry and Stryker. I set this up on my Ecobee3 Lite with 2 remote sensors. So far it is working beautifully. I’m getting data from all of the sensors. For the Smartapps I have only tested out the Routines/Programs. It is successfully switching the mode of the thermostat based on Hello Modes.

I just updated:

  • Ecobee (Connect)
  • ecobee Routines
  • Ecobee Thermostat
  • Ecobee Sensor

Addresses problems with program Hold: events not setting/resetting correctly when initiated by ecobee App or via ecobee Routines, especially when default holdType is not set in either the thermostat(s) or in Ecobee (Connect). Also some miscellaneous performance enhancements.

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Note that the holdType used by this suite is determined from the following priority:

  1. The selected holdType in ecobee Routines
  2. The specified Hold Type in the preferences for the Thermostat DTH (allows different thermostats to operate differently)
  3. The selected Hold Type specified in the parent Ecobee (Connect) SmartApp, under Preferences
  4. If none of the above are set, the holdType will always be Permanent/indefinite/Until I Change

At present, the default setting on the Thermostat itself is not used by this Ecobee DTH implementation

@storageanarchy, when I use the Ecobee’s main sensor temp (the thermostat’s sensor) in a CoRE piston, the temp is showing out to 13 decimal places. Besides it just looks messy, it keeps me from being able to match the temp to one of the other sensors since they only show to 1 decimal place. Is this controlled from the DTH or is it something that I can control? Since it only does this on the Thermostat’s sensor, does it have something to do with the option in Ecobee Connect to use the main sensor as a separate sensor? Below is a screenshot of the CoRE condition next to what it shows in the simulated condition.

Hmmm…an unexpected side effect of maintaining the internal precision as a floating point number. I can fix it, but probably not for a few days as I am traveling. Looks like I need some more Math.round and String.formats to trim the number back down to 1 decimal place. You can’t effect it because I intentionally try to maintain full precision for temperature despite whatever decimal precision you choose for display.

Note that using the Thermostat as Sensor you are getting the temp at the thermostat itself, and not the average of any sensors you may have enabled for the current program. If you aren’t using sensors, or if you want the average, use the temperature from the thermostat instead - let me know if that also has the same problem.

I may not be able to get online for several days.


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Hi Barry,

It’s definitely not anything critical, so whenever you get a chance to look at it will be great.

I have a routine that looks at the actual temp at the thermostat, so I do need the sensor temp and not the average.

I make use of quite a few of the features that you’ve added into the Ecobee DTH and apps, so thanks for your help on this.


Did I miss something, I tried to go to your Github but id doesn’t seem to exist.

Double check the link in the new [RELEASED] thread. The old link has been deprecated.


When I click on the link at the top of this post:

Takes me to a 404 page. but if I click on the instructions page link it takes me to https://github.com/SANdood/SmartThingsPublic/blob/StorageAnarchy-Ecobee/smartapps/smartthings/ecobee-connect.src/README.md