[OBSOLETE] Monitor ecobee temp and Adjust it according to indoor/outdoor sensors


For those of you who have an ecobee thermostat, I just created a new smartapp that monitors the outdoor temperature and humidity on a regular basis (in minutes specified as input parameter) and adjusts the ecobee’s temp according to certain thresholds given by the ST user.

If some conditions are met, then it can increase/decrease the heating/cooling setPoints or resume
the program set by the ecobee user.

In brief, the smartapp allows automatic adjustments of the cooling/heating setpoints according to indoor/outdoor conditions. This is particularly useful in the Winter/Summer where outdoor temperature and humidity can vary throughout the day.

You can enable/disable the smartapp with a button on/off tile (ex.virtual switch).

The smartapp can use an outdoor sensor or a virtual weather station, such as

to get the oudoor temperature and humidity.

see MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp at

This smartapp only works with my custom ecobee device at

And, finally, all the smartapps/custom ecobee device can run in Farenheits or in Celcius acccording
to your temperature scale of choice.

If you like the custom Ecobee device and related smartapps, please support the developer:

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COOL! - missing a leading “/” for the comment on the first line of weatherstation

@ ero4444

Corrected! Thnx.

Hello, I added some logic today to take into account some indoor temp sensors for any temp adjustments in order to have a similar behavior as the ecobee3 with its remote sensors.

The indoor temp adjustment is based on the average temp calculated from multiple ST connected indoor sensors.

Just grab the latest code at



Any way to use this on a grouping of T-stats instead of one? I have 4 in the house and would like 3 of the 4 to adjust theire setpoints per the app.

Another question, do you find the weather station app is slow to update, thus causing issues with this app?

Hello, actually you should then create multiple instances of the smartapp for each of your thermostats. This way you can associate different sensors for your thermostats. To do this, just rename the app on the last screen.

As for the weatherstation, I believe that there is a refresh() that is done on a regular basis in the smartapp.

P.S. I just checked in the last version at github (v1.9.2) which does call the refresh() on a regular basis.

Hello @GS05,

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