[OBSOLETE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

This SmartApp integrates Chamberlain/LiftMaster MyQ doors and light controls into SmartThings. It creates a garage door or light switch (MyQ light module, not the light on the door itself) device in your list of Things and allows you to control the device…

  1. By tapping the device buttons in the SmartThings mobile app
  2. Automatically by your presence (coming or going) in a Routine or other SmartThings rules app
  3. Via switch tiles in a SmartTiles dashboard
  4. By asking Alexa or Google Home to turn the on the door or light

Installation and Usage

  • Follow the instructions and get the code here: GitHub - brbeaird/SmartThings_MyQ: Integrate SmartThings with MyQ (Obsolete). Make sure and install the SmartApp code as well as the applicable device handlers
  • An optional (but strongly recommended) Contact/Tilt Sensor can be used to show the status of the door within SmartThings but is not required for basic open/close functionality.
  • This app enables your door to be controlled by Alexa. The phrase to open or close the door will differ slightly depending on whether or not you’re using a sensor with the door. See the Readme file for more details.
  • A maximum of 4 doors is currently supported.
  • If you’ve been using the withdrawn copy-ninja MyQ app, this version installs as a totally separate SmartApp and associated devices from the old version. While it wouldn’t break anything to have both versions installed, I’d suggest removing the old version and replacing with this.

Shout-out to @copyninja, whose original code I branched off to create this new version that essentially works the same without needing to poll MyQ for status updates.

Special thanks also to @dcabtacoma for sending me a light controller so I could test the code.


If you love this app, donations are appreciated!

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This workaround is still in violation of the terms of service set by MyQ. There is a very good chance they will block it.

Maybe so, but it at least relieves the issue of lots of traffic.


I have a crazy question. My garage door still goes up (not down, but it never went down) when I ask Alexa to raise it… I would install this, but I don’t want to fix something that isn’t broke.

Should I install this? Or should I shut up and keep using the existing code that is working?

Maybe I don’t understand something… perhaps the old code still works if you had it installed? Or is it still working for everyone? Has Chamberlain just not implemented the kill switch yet?

Thanks for your understanding of my noob status. :confused:

Thanks Brian for the code. I have installed it. I will let you know if I see any issues when I try tomorrow.

A valid question. This version installs as a totally separate SmartApp, and the associated devices it creates are also completely separate. This is intended as a replacement of the old version.

The old version of the code does still work for the most part. Chamberlain has not actually blocked connections from Smartthings (yet). However, while the old version can still open and close a door, it can no longer update door status by polling the Chamberlain server. For some people, it seems to not really matter, but for others, it’s really screwed up routines because the door status is never accurate.

If things seem to be working for you and you’d rather not bother with setting something else up, I’d say keep the old version running. But if you want more reliable and faster status on whether your door is open or closed, this version might be a nice upgrade for you.

Or, they may choose to go back to the fee based model they originally had.

I find it questionable that posts announcing code that violates EULA/TOS are allowed here.


Great job Brian! This is a solid improvement which I’m glad you’ve tackled. I was contemplating working on it, but haven’t had time.

@jody.albritton Has a MyQ integration even been prioritized over there? I still remember when it was initially promised, haha.


They’re ‘actively’ working with chamberlain on an official smartapp. How would it look to chamberlain if no one from ST said that?

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Sorry, it’s early here and I haven’t had my tea, but I don’t understand what you mean.

For people who are going to go out and buy tilt sensors, it might be worth it to just ebay your MyQ and buy the Linear zWave devices which can be found on Ebay for $40-60. The cost differences will be be negligible, and you won’t have to worry about MyQ cutting it off again.

I junked my MyQ setup when they announced this ban and have been very happy with my Linear zWave door openers.

Re-reading your post, it seems I misunderstood what you were saying.

SmartThings is an open platform, It’s not their duty to police the forums. It’s also not their duty to brush up on every EULA/TOS agreement with all unofficial integrations. It would be bad for both Them and Their Users for them to do so. There are other popular integrations that are in violation of other companies EULA/TOS agreements as well.

That’s great for people with the MyQ addon, and if that’s the device I had I would go that route. However I have MyQ enabled operators =/ So I ordered contact relays that I am going to solder to a spare garage opener to get around this nonsense.

Good point. Some people have the integrated MyQ doors, I didn’t think about that.

In this case no brushing up is needed, but I suppose you’re right. As a software developer, I guess I am just a little sensitive to folks violating their user agreements.

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Brian, I fixed the Alexa integration issue that @tsteele93 is talking about in a fork before copy-ninja’s code was discontinued. Here are the changes I made if you want to incorporate it into your version. https://github.com/copy-ninja/SmartThings_MyQ/pull/17/files

Thanks, @gussery3! I’ve incorporated your fix into my code.

Under $28 Tilt Sensor, had mine over a year, quick, easy, cheap and works…


An easy AA mod for cold weather applications or to extend your battery life with cheap batts. Over a year and still 100%…

What does that matter, you can still use a tilt sensor?