Need help moving over to SmartThings from Wink

I’m new to smart things. I had wink until I found out it was not being supported anymore. I have several items I’m looking to connect to smart things that I do not think I can, but I’m looking for a work around. Any help is appreciated. I have a chamberlain myQ garage door opener, kiddie smoke/CO detector, nest thermostat, nest doorbell camera and 2 wink relays I would like to find a way to integrate these items into my system. I would like to add a few door/window sensor, leek sensors for floor any suggestions would be appreciated.

How much do you like to tinker?

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I like to tinker with stuff. Right now everything that is not hooked up to SmartThings is still on the wink system.

Ok, let’s start with the easy ones: nothing you can do with the Nest devices at this point. The kiddie defector, I’ve never seen anything for. What’s the model?

MyQ and wink relays can be integrated with some tinkering.

Here’s the most popular option for MyQ. You’ll want to purchase a separate tilt sensor.

And here’s the one for wink relay.

If you have any questions, your best bet is to read those threads throughly and post questions in them.

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