Easy visual display for SHM?

(Greg) #1

I’m wondering if there’s a cheap or easy (or both) way to visually display Smart Home Monitor status. I’m thinking something very simple like a pair of green and red LEDs that would live by the door. Green means off red means armed. Doesn’t have to be this necessarily but something simple and unobtrusive.

(Michael) #2

The keypad from Lowes has an arm indicator on it and can be integrated with ST:

(Greg) #3

Thanks @ritchierich. Is that this one?

Has terrible reviews but worth a flyer for $10.


(Realy Living Dream) #4

Yes, that is the Centralite keypad that works with ST. Not sure what the terrible reviews are about. I have 2 ( although redundant since I also have Schlage locks to disarm,so don’t actually use them much).
I know a lot of people in here complain because they think that it can be repurposed as a button controller and it doesn’t work that way.
I will admit when I originally bought them, that was my intention too. I just accepted that was not how they worked and rolled with it.

(denny) #5

I have two of these iris keypads and they work great

(Greg) #6

Thanks gang. Happened to be near a lowes this morning and picked it up for $10. Will give this one a shot.

(denny) #7

I found success with the User Lock Manager smartapp