CentraLite Keypads

So, have a few updates:

Some updates to the DTH code (Much of this based on @RudiP’s code improvements):

  • Better tiles! (Much nicer view in the app)
  • Better support for Beep (and the Tone capability)
  • Support for reporting panic as a contact and the button (Some applications only accept contact as a device)
  • Support for reporting motion events when the keypad wakes.

Updates for SmartAlarm:

  • Chime support! (Add your keypads to the “Chime Devices” list in the “Notifications” page to get chimes to work)
  • Support for enabling or disabling chimes for specific zones. Contacts are on by default, others are off by default.

Also, I’ve confirmed that while using User Lock Manager, 2 keypads works flawlessly. This is also true with SmartAlarm (Control, status, and chimes)

Links are same as primary links previously, but provided for convenience now.

DTH (Same link as before):

ULM (Same link as before):

Smart-Alarm (Same link as before):