Iris Keypad


Trying to find a DTH for it and also A smart app for it also. Can some one help me out and guide me in the right direction thanks somuch. JEFF

(Ray) #2

I know this post is long but everything in there should get you in the right direction.

(Unt0ld) #3

Install a new Device Handler

Instll User Lock Manager

Reset IRIS Keypad & Add to Smartthings

  1. Disconnect the batteries.
  2. Press and hold the Wall Tamper Button
  3. While holding the Wall Tamper Button, reconnect one battery.
  4. After 2 seconds Release the Wall Tamper Button.
  5. Wait for the Wireless icon to start
  6. Add a Thing in Smartthings app (it may take a few tries to add)

Configure User Lock Manager with users and codes. You must use 4 digit codes.
It may take a few 10 minutes or so to start working.


I know this is an old thread but it seems to be the canonical answer to “how do I just plain pair an Iris Keypad with my hub?”… unfortunately, the instructions here aren’t working for me. I would love some more help.

  1. Disconnect both batteries (easy!)
  2. Press and hold the Wall Tamper button (not so easy, it’s a tough button to push, but I’m using the plastic mounting piece to do it - I just leave the plastic in place as if it were mounted on a wall)
  3. While holding the WT button, reconnect one battery (easy! the device powers on almost instantly… I see a flash on the wireless light, but then it goes off… is that supposed to stay on?)
  4. After 2 seconds release the WT (sure… also easy… what’s the feedback to know I did this right? A light comes on? A light goes off? A beep?.. at least two seconds? no more than two seconds?)
  5. moot: Wait for the Wireless icon to start (this never happens for me)
  6. moot: Add a Thing… I can’t get the device to show up.