Lowes Iris Keypad $16


Does with this work with ST?
If so, how?

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Does it recognize individual key presses? Could I use as a multi button remote?

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Shows 20% off at one local store when I select that store, 10% off on another local store when I select that store in their web site. 30% off at another store…this is crazy.

Kept looking farther afield from where I live and finally found it for 60% off, but store is too far away (1 1/2 hours away). I wonder if I call my local Lowes if they will sell at that price? Anyone tried that?

Unfortunately no. I grabbed 3 of them off Fleabay a while back ( before Mitch came up with the DTH) with that hope. They will only change modes. If you don’t have a touchscreen lock to disarm SHM they might come in handy. They do allow for entry & exit delay when using the DTH above and Lock code manager

Wish a local Lowes had the good price…nearest one w/60% off is about 1 1/2 hours away.

It’s crazy how the price varies from store to store. I have 3 Lowe’s within 8 miles of me. The closest is less than 1 1/2 miles and they had no Iris Keypads in stock. The one 5 miles away was $27.99 and the one 8 miles away is $23.99 Happened to be close to a store in another city today and stopped by to find them for the $16 price. Found 4 but two of the boxes were empty. Guess $16 was still too expensive for some people. Anyway bought the last 2 only because I read about how many people got bad units, but I was up and running with the first unit. Also found the Smart Button. Don’t know what I’ll use that for but figured I’d grab it while it was on sale.
Needless to say I was going to take the other back unless someone wants the other one for just cost plus the cheapest shipping available. I’m not trying to make any money on it at all but if anyone needs one and can’t find it for less than the 40% off, just let me know. I figure if I return it, whoever took the other two will return to steal that one also.

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The buttons are currently $10 at all the stores in my area. There are plenty in stock (I’m checking every day), and they went from $20 to $15 to $10 over the last month or so; I’m waiting for them to drop to $5 before I buy about ten of them.

Even $5 is too much for this crappy button that doesn’t work most of the time. Get one, see if it works for you, then make the mistake of buying 10 if you are confident enough it will do what you want.

I already have one, got it for $6.25 at a store in the hood that was getting rid of all the HA stuff that was collecting dust on their shelves. It works fine for my purposes. Reports the temperature pretty accurately, and yeah every now and then I have to press the button twice to get it to respond, but for such a low price that’s not a deal breaker for me.


My name is Fred. I’m looking for an Iris Keypad. I thought you mentioned you had an extra one. If you do I will buy it. Just name your price. My email is Fred@audio-videospecialists.com Phone number 201-925-0744 Thanks