[OBSOLETE] Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L)

Continuing the discussion from Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models):

Figured I’d start a separate topic for discussion of the Lowe’s Iris Motion Sensor so that the device type and relevant info is easier to find. This is for the new CentraLite (purple box) models seen below:

Device type: This device is now supported by the built-in Smartsense Motion Sensor device handler!

SmartThingsPublic/iris-motion-sensor.groovy at iris-motion · mitchpond/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

The device pairs up easily and motion and temperature reporting are working well for me. Post any issues here.


@mitchp, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

Will this updated devicetype fix the auto-reporting for temp?

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It’s working for me. Try it out and let me know!

I just updated to this device type and it seems that the temp is still not auto reporting for me. Just so I am clear should it be reporting with every motion or is it time based? As it has been over 2 hours with motion and no reported temperature.


Did you just change the device type in the IDE or did you delete/reset/repair? If you just change the device type, the correct configuration may never get sent unless you go into the simulator (which was broken as of last night…) and manually configure.

Best practice would be to reset and pair as a fresh new device.

Temperature should be reported on changes of more than 1 degree F, or hourly. It does not report if the temp is stable.

After removing and re-adding all of the motion detectors with this new device type all of my temperature reporting is working flawlessly. Awesome work Mitch!

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Hi @mitchp, I’ve not followed your device discussions for the motion sensor, so I don’t know what the difference is between yours and ST’s “SmartSense Motion Sensor” that I’ve been using. I understand that the fingerprint is correctly identified in yours, making paring and setting up not so cumbersome, but what differentiates your from ST’s?

That’s pretty much it. It’s more for the convenience of having it pair correctly and configure properly on the first try. The code is 99% ST code at this time.

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Cool, thanks for the reply.

The biggest difference is that @mitchp’s devicetype allows automatic updating of the temperature reading. This might not be a huge issue for you but it’s a nice feature to have :slight_smile:

ST’s also auto updates when the temperature changes, and it’s a local device on hub V2.


It didn’t auto-update for my iris motion detectors even though it did for my ST ones…

I removed and repaired and now the temp seems to be updating correctly. Thanks!

I followed @johnconstantelo instructions for using the SmartSense Motion Sensor and mine is also reporting temperature changes. It’s also running locally making things even better.

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The ST types will also allow for this and would configure the sensors the same way if they matched the fingerprint. However, the process for install and configuration is much more “fiddly” and easier to botch. If the device fingerprint matches the device type, then ST handles the config correctly. If you change from the Iris device type to the ST type after pairing, it should retain the config and also run local (I think)


You are absolutely correct @mitchp. I think your device type has helped many get these devices to easily pair, and that is what this community is all about.

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@mitchp I recently switched over to ST from Iris and I can’t get any Iris devices to pair. I have reset them (Iris reset procedure Press reset button 8 times, take battery out for 2 min and press reset button 8 more times)

Still nothing.

I also tried to add the device through the IDE but nothing.

Occasionally I will get “Thing” in my list of things and I have changed the Device Type in the IDE but again, nothing.
Can you please help me?
Do you have a procedure that I may follow?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
thank you,

Hi John,

Are these the new Iris motion sensors or the old ones?

They are the New “Second Gen” motion and Contact sensors.

Ok, in order to reset them I believe you have to take out the battery, hold the reset button while putting the battery back in and release after 2 seconds. At that point it should be in pairing mode and SmartThings should find them.

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